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Funimation's Roll-Out Rant

More rant time, yay! Now most everywhere else I've been keeping a cool head, but on here I am going to be more blunt and punchy. I know a group of people will disagree with me, but I really feel that I need to fully express my disappointment in the week's announcements.

First off, Funimation (shortened hereafter as Funi, because I prefer to type small words) for a few weeks talked big of their announcements for the upcoming year or so. Now Funimation is probably my favorite distributor at the moment because as I look at my anime shelf, well over half of my dvds are from Funimation (with several more coming in. Rightstuf is having their Funi sale right now and I need to complete my Sgt. Frog, Bamboo Blade, Soul Eater and Baccano collections) and are mostly pro-dub. I am a person who defends dubs very much. I think subs not worth my buck, unless the dvds are relatively less in price or have special features (STILL burned about Hayate). So hearing the new acquisitions for me was important because I trust Funimation and know the series will more or less sell better with them distributing them. If Funi doesn't license them, then the chances of it being dubbed are reduced very greatly.

You guys probably remember my wishlist for the Roll-Out Riot, which again has been talked up by the Funi reps on the blog. Guess which ones got picked? C'mon, take a guess. If you guessed ZERO, then you're absolutely correct! Now to be fair, I am a little upset that none of my picks were chosen, but there were a few more that were asked about a LOT on the blog that were neglected as well. One such outcry was for a redubbing of Sailor Moon. Seriously. Every other freakin' comment was for a redub/rerelease of Sailor Moon. Customers are clearly demanding this. On top of that, several of my picks were also mentioned frequently, such as Sayanara Zetsubo Sensei, ToraDora!, and K-ON. These are what people asked for. None of these were mentioned or acknowledged.

Let me break down what was announced.

Day 1 - 15 Shaw Brothers Live Action Films.

Day 2 - Kamui and RoboGeisha, the former looking "meh"-ish at best and the latter is more of a flick to watch while stoned or something.

Day 3 - FLCL rescue. Just one title, but was the first to get a resounding "YAY FUNI!!!!" from the fans. I watched it after announced (its only 6 episodes long) and was less than impressed.

Day 4 - Martial Hearts and Hero Tales, because ecchi sells and anything made by a creator of Fullmetal Alchemist MUST be gold.

Day 5 - Hetalia and Sacred Blacksmith. Hetalia definately has a...urm...passionate fanbase that honestly kind of scares me, and Blacksmith looks like any other pretty girl warrior shonen title. I looked up Hetalia and just could not get interested enough to care. I will need to see some episodes dubbed before I totally throw out the idea, but its definately not sounding like a "purchase" to me.

Now I will go to their defense. First off, Funimation may have still licensed some of these and just could not announce them yet because of their licensor. Just because it wasn't mentioned in the roll-out doesn't mean its not on the way or on their list. This may be true, but you think they would announce it during one of their bigger announcement extravaganzas instead of a few months later. Granted, they may wait to announce bigger titles at a convention, but don't get our hopes up with "RoboGeisha".

Secondly, just because Funi doesn't have the license doesn't mean it won't be dubbed or released at all. Now this is just a rumor, completely unverified, but Zetsubo Senei might possibly be a Media Blasters acquisition as well as Moyashimon, another series I am interested in, and both will probably be dubbed as well. Again, just a rumor I saw mentioned on the Mania forums. Honestly, Media Blasters would probably be my second choice of distributor given my latest grief with Ban Dai, so if some titles go there, I won't be too disappointed other than having to purchase overly expensive volume releases. I'm cheap, ok?

One of the things I think that kind of hurt the most is the fact that Funi has seemingly (not accusing) given a half blind eye to the fandom and just started doing their own thing. I know the fandom isn't always right, but when you announce roughly 22 titles and only 2 are more or less widely approved of, there might be a problem. Now to most of us, Funimation is an anime group, distributing series and dubbing them. They are also into releasing Foreign films. Honestly for some anime fans, the announcement for the movies were great, but there are some of us who just don't care. Given the talk on the ANNCast, they knew there would be backlash when the liveaction was announced, so why announce it, or announce it first two days by themselves. Couldn't you have also announced an anime title a day? There were 4 new seires and 1 "rescue" which could have been announced one a day. Sure, people would undoubtedly complain about the number of series being licensed, but you could have made it a 3 day roll-out instead of 5. Again, no offense to the live action fans out there, but most of us were led to believe that they would announce anime, since it is, as quoted on ANNCast "Very much our bread and butter".

Again, this isn't my slamming because of none of my wishlist was announced, but this event was kind of mishandled. Starting off two days with live action movies that most people had not heard of on a blog that is 95% anime-related is kind of a slap in the face and killed the mood for most people, then announcing several subpar series, even if they instigated some talk, made this event pretty much a "fail" in my book. If they had not mentioned the live action, sure, we would have said something about the quantity, but I don't think we would have been as disappointed or felt like we had been "trolled" by the leading R1 distributor in North America. Sure, if Sailor Moon or ToraDora! had been announced, it would have lessend the sting and probably shortened this entry, but they wern't, and this is a wall of text.

Yeah, the economy is in the crapper, and that sales are probably not where they were two or three years ago. I get that. If Funi doesn't have a lot of money to throw around, I understand why some series got "overlooked" and why they announced some live action. I'm not saying they should say "Ok guys, we don't have as much money so there will be fewer titles this year". That would have caused stock to drop in their company. I get it. I know these titles don't interest me in the slightest. I'm not saying that I want Funimation to fail or anything. I don't harbor a grudge against them for that. All I am saying is that fans have voices and that if you're going to act like something is a big deal and you know you're going to be letting most of the people down, then don't act like its a big deal! I'm sure both Hetalia and FLCL will do well based on the reaction I see. I'm just really disappointed that is was handled the way it was. Its like Nintendo E3 2008 all over again.

Now I want to see ToraDora, Shana 2, Zetsubo Sensei, Hayate, Moyashimon, School Rumble 3rd Semester and Negima OVAs dubbed and released in America. I really do. In fact I just marathoned Shakugan no Shana just to remind myself why I want Shana 2 released so badly. I want to see each one for different reasons, but now I have the feeling that more announcements will be months away and by then I will have lost all patience and just watch them online subbed....not dubbed or...subbed.....

Crap, I'm starting to sound like people who call themselves otaku. CRAP.

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Shocker! Work-Related Rant.

First off, I'm going to warn you. This is going to be a wrath-filled rant. Yes, the subject is, again, work, and yes, there is going to be some common sense mixed in here too. In other words, it'll be over management's heads.

Over three years ago I was hired on as a temporary associate for the building of our store. I was on the woodworking crew. The fitting rooms? Built that. I knew I was just a temp and unless I proved myself worthy, I would not have a job before the store opened. There were over 100 of us in the same boat, so it wasn't like I was a special case or anything. I worked very hard. I always showed up, did the work presented to me, and left for the day. I worked not only at the old store, but the new one. Not only inside, but also in the blistering heat. I did what was told and never had to be reprimanded for anything. I was hired weeks before the store started up and I was given three basic choices: Cart Pusher, Maintenance, and Furniture. Since I was leaving my previous job so I wouldn't have to push carts or do maintenance, I went with the obvious furniture department.

The following months and years went by. I was only written up once (which is basically as clean a record as anyone has) for a slap-on-the-wrist kind of thing. I have always been on time, worked, gave my all at my job. I was actually proud to be an associate of my store, and I had the pride and knowledge that not only customers and co-workers appreciated and respected me, but that superiors would often compliment me on my work ethic. Now, I am not saying I was a model associate, perish the thought, but I did enough to please most everyone.

Soon I was given a secondary job code in stationary where I got to apply the knowledge I learned in furniture to a new department where I feel I excelled. Once again I recieved multiple compliments from people and workers on how I did my job over there. I was able to apply more knowledge of how things worked. I even got to head a lot of the back to school area projects where we excelled at what we did. I had a change in department managers and while it took a little bit of time to get my bearings, I still received compliments on, once again, my work ethic.

Months pass again, and I am forced outside in the heat as a cart pusher, a job I never asked for nor put under my preferrences in my work space. It was here things really started to go downhill. Suddenly I get these looks of either pity or disgust. I have to wear these really funky and smelly vests and go outside and do a job that is usually relegated to young boys who usually quit within a few months. Its no big mystery why. No one respects them nor takes them seriously. I now know better, and want out bad.

But heaven forbid that I should speak up at work now. I spoke up once, just once, and now I am relegated to nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not on the schedule. At all. No hours.

Have I missed something here? Did I do something to deserve this treatment? I haven't made anyone mad, even with my menial cart pushing job. The supervisors seem happy with my work....so.....who did I tick off this time? This is why I despise confronting management. This is why I think they are rejects from other stores. Yes, rejects.

Here is the mock conversation I had in my head:

Me: Sooooo...yeah, not being scheduled ANY hours. Not cool.
Manager: Well, let look at your availability.

Let's stop here. The new rule is that the person with the most open availability and seniority gets more hours. Admittedly, my availability is not as good as other ones. Yeah, I can't work on Mondays because of school. I am available Wednesday nights, but not during the day because not only do you never have me there during the day anyhow, I have school. On Thursdays I teach a class at my church and I even came in one night and had to give the lesson to someone on short notice. For you. Yes, I have other responsibilities outside work. Sundays are sacred for me. Yes, I am a God-fearing christian who goes to both morning and evening services, preaching at some in fact, keeping Hebrews 10:25 in mind by not forsaking the assembling of the saints. In fact, I did give up Sundays at my last job. I became someone I'm not proud of, so I know I need church. In short if I don't have Him to believe in, I have nothing. So yes, despite your retorts, I want Sundays off you hypocritical (thought about using the word "atheistic" but didn't want to put anyone's panties into a wad) pigs.

So yes, I have my availability as much as I can. I bend over backwards to try to make it work out. For you. I did everything I could, giving up classes I wanted to take just to keep you happy. This is what I get. Nothing.

Its not right.

Its also not just this. They are going to force all non managerial full time people to be part time. Its either take this part time job, or leave. Now, not only should this be illegal, but its just morally wrong. You are essentially cutting hours of people who have worked there over 20 or 30 years who depend on this place for their income. Have you no decency?

Also, the other major rumor lurking around is that is all but confirmed is pay. Not only are you going to "put everyone at the same level, except management" but you are going to stop giving people raises. Hard workers who have come to expect their pay increases on the annual basis. Again, it saves money, but at what cost? Is it worth the low morale and "bonuses" we get? The 3 basic beliefs should be 1. Serve the Profit 2. Respect the Payroll 3. Forget the Customers.

If work has taught me anything, its that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think I didn't understand that phrase better than I do now. It has also taught me that the bigger the company, the more corrupt it is. It has also taught me some things about myself as well. I have learned that all I will ever be considered for is grunt work. I also learned that I am not worthy of respect either. I should just give up and be a janitor the rest of my life, because I will never be considered for anything else but those kinds of jobs anyhow.

I will end on this note. The place is a sick, twisted, maddening cult. Nooooooooo. Unions are bad! Never trust a union! Well, in all honesty, its a bit too late to say this, but I honestly think that this mess wouldn't have been as bad if we had some representation. If we had a union, we would have some leverage, and maybe this whole debacle could have been avoided. Just a thought.

I await my last day when I can turn around and say "Good riddance".

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A New Favorite Phrase I Hate

Guess what folks, its RANT TIME!

This time is going to be short and sweet. I've been getting this a lot lately, as I rag on my employer more often than not. They give me too many reasons not to do otherwise. Anyways, when I start my rant on the corruptness of the food chain people get on their high horses and say:

"Be thankful you have a job."

Here is the thing. In my mind there is job appreciation and job satisfaction. Two completely different things. Job Appreciation is NOT equal to Job Satisfaction. What I mean by this is that I do appreciate that I have a job so I can pay for my college and be less of a burden to my folks. What I can't stand is the aggrivations my job has.

Let's take sanitation workers for example. I bet they appreciate their jobs that pays the bills and mortgages, but have you ever seen a jolly sanitation worker on the job? I have yet to witness it.

What I want to say to someone that says this is "Hey! Get off your high horse and get yourself a job. Better yet, get a job here and see if you can say the same thing a few years down the road. I know maybe one person who does....kinda. I'm sorry the economy sucks, but its not my fault that I have a job. Dust off that resume and get out there, tiger. You just have to try harder to get a job. So until you can do that, you have no right to say that to me."

Then I would go into the satisfaction vs. appreciation argument.

If there are two groups of people I can't stand, its the self-righteous "be thankfull you have a job" people, and the people who (especially newbies) think Wal-Mart is the greatest thing ever and you should never hate your job!

There was going to be a graphic "both groups should have joined the Donner Party in the western expansion days" scene here, but I decided against it. I wish the best for both groups, and hey, maybe I should come up with a short reply back:

"Be thankful the government supports your basic needs with food stamps."

That may be pouring salt into the wound, but hey, they poured first.

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Why Many of Us Are Upset At Work

This is going to be a long rant about work, so if you don't want to hear some retail drama, then you may want to skip.

Right now on "Haruhi Suzumiya" they are doing the "Sighs" story. Its the story behind the making of the film shown in episode 00, "the Adventures of Mikuru Asahina". I won't go into the plot paticulars, but up until then, Kyon has sort of submitted himself to Haruhi or went along with her hair-brained schemes. During the filming of the show, she becomes more...abusive (the best word I could come up with on short notice) to everyone, mainly Mikuru (they shown her smacking Mikuru with her director's cone) and Kyon, who is essentially the "chore boy" who does all the undesirable tasks that no one wants to do. Her attitude starts becoming more and more abrasive and absurd to the point where Kyon actively "grows a pair" and let's her have it.

Not that I am saying my situation is similar to Kyon's, but I am getting that way where I work at. I am getting more and more aggrivated with some policy changes, and I think its about time that someone called them on their....mess.

List time:

- One major problem are the positions. The new policy is, evidently, only 4 and 8 hour shifts. I have no problem with that, but here is where the problem sets in. We have part time associates, and full time associates. Each set has their own benefits, you know, dental and what not. It has been that way, and a change in status is a change in benefits. My sister, for instance, is full time, so she gets the full timer's package. Now say she needs 35 hours to be full time, on an average monthly scale. Ok, so one week they schedule her just 29 hours. She didn't ask for time off, fewer hours or change her available shift times, but it will now be harder for her to reach the full time quota. Considering that working past your scheduled time is an offense, there isn't much you can do.

This is an example, but most full time workers are getting in that situation where they are, without warning, being changed from full time to part time. These are people with families and mortgages. Some depend on this job for their primary source of income. If you, again without warning or helping them, nearly force them to change their benefits, then I'm sorry, but you deserve scrutiny and complaints the media throws at you.

Rumor is that they are getting rid of full time position outside of management, and this is definately evidence of that. With the people getting cut hours, that means more people can be hired. So now we have more workers, but everyone has fewer hours. People are even willing to change job codes and do whatever it takes to work, but management does not want to help them. This is my definition of unethical, and, in my opinion, should be illegal.

- There is a new system in the works where we are forced to clock out no more than 15 minutes off our scheduled time for a whole week. To give an example, if I were 5 minutes past my time one night, then 3 the next, if I were to be 10 minutes past my schedule the night after, I would get coached or possibly dismissed. This causes unecessary stress for the workers. Some nights customers come in right when you leave, and do you know how many people take "Sorry, I have to clock out. Someone else can help you." well? No one I know of. Now they say that you can make up time by taking a longer lunch, but those of us that are going to get those 4 hour shifts, we don't get lunches, so are we up the peverbial creek without a paddle?

Our tasks are also going to that. "Ok, we need this display up by 7:00 pm". If I get it done more than 15-30 minutes after the deadline, then I will get coached at. Now I am not saying that they will be unreasonable, but considering that I am the buttwipe of all front end jobs, never going a night without casheiring, cart pushing, or people greeting, deadlines are moot.

- Speaking of front end jobs, its not that I am opposed to helping out from time to time, but people seem to abuse my good intentions. I personally hate pushing carts (a rant in and of itself, but the statement alone does it justice considering I think "hate" is a strong word). It doesn't take a graduate, a rocket scientist, or a PHD to do these jobs, yet certain individuals are always the ones who have to bail the front end out. I just think that they abuse this a little much, because everyone has a job and has to finish tasks. Some of us are rarely getting our work done, and it doesn't look good. If I say I am busy, then please find someone else. I don't say that too often, but when I legitimately have to, they ignore it and just make me do what they want. This is not respecting the individual.

- As I mentioned earlier, there are these things called "job codes". There is a primary job code, then there are secondary job codes. For instance, my primary job code is Furniture, but I can have several secondaries. Now in order to get a secondary job code, you have to talk to your assistant manager or the A.M. over the area you want coded for. When you are coded, then you can be scheduled in that area without getting a pay cut or increase.

Now I am sure I'm not the only one, but there are certain jobs out there you couldn't pay me to do. There are jobs and positions that I am vocal about not wanting to do. Now, I think the more humane and ethical thing to do is to be courteous and ask the worker if its fine to change or add job codes to their name. Well, I came in, and lo and behold, I am coded for *insert asinine job title here*, a job I am very vocal about not wanting. Think about this, you work in an office job you tolerate well and enjoy. Suddenly, they want to schedule you to do custodial work in the bathrooms for a while. How would you take that? About as well as I am handling this right now. Its demoralizing, depressing, disgusting, and it makes you think. Is my performance that bad? Am I seen as someone who should be doing *insert asinine job title here* instead of my regular job? Why did they choose me when there are others wanting the position? Why am I not getting the respect I deserve? That is why my overall attitude the past few weeks has been much less than usual. I am not happy, especially when they changed the job code, behind my back, without telling me. If they would have asked, it would be a different story, but they had to be underhanded, and it makes them look bad in the long run. Again, I am not the only one going through this, but I think its ridiculous.

- This has been a gripe for a while. I ask off for Sundays. That should not be a huge deal. I have a responsibility to my fellow members and God, so yes, I want Sundays off. When you either A) Make fun or B) Give me boatloads of grief, then yes, we will have problems. This isn't as bad as the others, but it is a persistant problem.

- There have been cases of people leaving for a vacation or something, then coming back and finding out they don't have a position anymore. There are also people in positions, like department managers, that are finding out that their position are being done away with and all they get are: 1) Find a new part time position, taking a cut in pay 2) leave or 3) do various jobs while again, taking a cut in pay. Now I know some struggling companies, such as car manufacturers or other places have to do that from time to time, but do you seriously think a company as big as the one I work at are really struggling all that bad that they are pushing the long-time associates out for people who will work for less pay? I highly doubt it. This and the first item are why I have lost nearly all respect for the company as a whole. While most of these are no doubt from the head office in Arkansas, some are at the fault of the local management staff as well, and I hope they get accounted for.

- Also, what is with all the dumb secrecy? The manager's know more than they let on, but they don't inform us at all. Every time I come in there seems to be some new policy, but no one tells me until I get talked to about it. Yes, ignorance is an excuse, because you didn't inform me. When did the art of store meetings become outmoded? In a company like this, communication is key, and we seem to suffer from that more than anyone else. Some of these new policies may be justifiable, but just telling us it change "just because" isn't good enough.

There are other problems that persist, but these are small compared to the glaring problem that I seriously think that they are shooting themselves in the foot and will wind up paying for ticking off most of their workforce. This is why there should be a union. Yes, they scare us by saying that we don't need them, but their explanation makes the place sound more like a cult than a good employer.

Now this rant isn't directed at certain people, and I am not angered at most of my coworkers, I am talking about us, the group who are getting this treatment, who have to live off of the paychecks they give us, taking paycuts and lower positions than any of the managers are. We are a group, and while we may not see eye to eye on policy, we can stand together and agree that these things are not right. I am not suggesting that we form a comittee or anything, but lets not fight amongst ourselves. We need to realize that our issues are with a higher authority in the company.

This rant is just the tip of the iceburg, but please know that this is why I have been more bitter, cynical to the point of being jaded, and more or less a person who refuses to talk about work. If you ask me, I will just rant and ramble like this. If you would like to leave a comment or a rant reply yourself, feel free to below.

Please keep my job out of conversations not about my job until furthur notice.

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Random Rants and Raves: 03-24-09

Every once in a while, I just need to rant on several things going on or that I can't just put into a single entry without a lot of trouble, so I thought I would try something new, which is just to put them on here without any segues. Let's see what today's menu has!

First off, another thing I hate about social networking sites. What is up with these people doing these "surveys" several times a week, or worse, day? I know I have talked about this time after time again, but it continues to be a thorn in my side. Seriously, how much effort does it take to answer:

First Name: Allen
Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Actor: Red Skelton

I will tell you. None. None at all. Its dumb if you think about it. How many people read those things anyhow? I may read a couple, but after that, the answers start becoming predictable or repetitive. Its gotten so bad that I have had to block some people from my feed just so I wouldn't have to see them on a daily basis. I know people are quick to point the finger and say I am a chronic blogger, but I retaliate by saying that it takes an actual thought process and time to put together coherent thoughts for the general populous to read, and I think you get just as much, if not more than what you would have gotten out of a note, plus my witty commentary and sparkling views on various things. Yes, I am proud of myself :P.

I don't think its wrong to do them from time to time, say, once every other month or so, but on a daily/weekly basis, it gets tiresome to see that. I always want to see creative and thought-provoking blog entries/items, but those make me want to vomit grammar nazis.

We are doing a "opinion survey" at work, and let me tell you that it is one of the biggest cases of corporate reform I have ever seen. The things that really bother me:

1) They give us a lowdown of the good things the company and local store has done for the community and world. How many pounds of bananas did we sell? Over 340,000. How much money did we put into the community? Over $20,000. More random data and warm fuzzies. Now take the survey. Now how will most of these people react? They will give a less harsh review of the store. Now I am not saying I'm not proud of what the company or store has done to the environment or town, but that does not overshadow nor justify how they treat their employees. I was tricked the first time, but every time my opinion is lowered, and my "opinion" reflected this, as I gave a fairly damaging survey, not that it will matter.

2) The survey asks, albeit "optional, but necessary" what you work. Now if this were a bigger store of more than 300 employees, then I wouldn't think twice of answering. I did answer them, but after I submitted this "confidential information" then I realized something. How many part time white males around my age work on the floor in the home improvement section? I will tell you, probably just me or 2 at the most. After I submitted this, I realized my mistake, but supposedly its "confidential", but I can't help but worry about repercussions that my opinion will bring.

3) The surveys never do any good because of our workplace density. What I mean is that on a typical night, there are twice as many people working up front than there are on the floor. Think about that. The people up front have more say in problems than the floor people because they are more in number. Sure, they ask where we work, but I don't think that it accurately represents the problems our place has.

4) The surveys never do any good because of our workplace density. What I mean is that if a certain problem comes up on the survey, say, "people don't feel they have a career here," they come up with a "action plan" which usually resolves squat. In the years I have worked there, I have yet to see any significant improvement in order or organization. I'm sorry but its true.

Finally, I want to rant a little on the anime industry. Sure, I may be a slight fan (ok, so I am doing an "anime marathon" this week), but two things bugs me to no end. I have 11 anime "box sets" and 10 of them are "thinpaks". What are "thinpaks"? They are those dvd sets you get, and the dvds are tucked into these thin, flimsy, plastic holders that are impossible to open and close. I am talking about these and these. Even non-anime sets are turning to this. The only advantage is that it takes up less room on your shelves, but honestly, will you need that extra inch later? No. I think the price or replacing that one disc you broke or lost wouldn't happen as ofter as it would for a proper dvd set...say...Negima! (not the "viridian" collection).

Secondly, this is mainly towards Funimation, why break up seasons into halves? They have been doing that WAAAAY too much lately, and you know why? Because it turns a bigger profit. That's why. Both School Rumble - Second Semester and Negima!?, the later in which I am anxiously awaiting the second half to come out, are guilty of this. As much as I love these shows, I cringe every time I think of buying a set that isn't complete. Its irritating and expensive.

"But you can download them and watch them for free". You know what? Shut your mouth. Honestly, I have no problem if you want to watch them online or as a temp download just to see if you like the series. That is how I get into series myself. What I can't stand is pirates blatantly stealing and infringing on copyrights when they know better. Seriously, just grab some money and pay for the real thing. Who knows, the more stuff is bought, the chances of seeing a sequel or whatnot increases. Anyone who wants to justify theft, yes, that's right, theft, then I have to say I pity you, and hope you enjoy the freedom you currently have. If you get caught, its your own fault.

Those are some things that have been bothering me lately. What do you guys think? Should "personal surveys" be illegal on social networking sites? Should there be a better way or improvement on how corporate surveys are done? What about dvd thinpaks, or splitting up a single season of a show? Sound off below!

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Maybe Trying is Too Hard?

Rant time. I think this will be it, as I really don't give two flips anymore. This note is a little harsh, and I apologize in advance, but it seems as if nothing else is getting through to people. I will just not talk about it as much as I have anymore, because I know you don't want to read some post-teen angst on here anymore than I want to type it. This note is also not directed to every "friend" on Facebook, as some of you I see as colleges, teachers, and people I like to share links with. This is more or less directed to people I dialogue with on a more personal level, which is still a lot of people, but not everyone. Again, sorry, but this is what you get when you leave me alone to think by myself with no one to talk to. Let the real rant begin.

Right now I think I am feeling better, and I hate to say it, but none of my friends that I've previously counted on helped me out when I really needed it, so thanks. I'll remember to return the favor. Ok, so maybe I am still kinda hurt, but I yelled at someone yesterday, which I feel bad about now (even though she laughed at me. Odd woman), but I also feel better, I just wish I didn't need to yell to get my point across.

I take that back, a friend did help me, but its someone who doesn't read my blog or am connected with on the Internet. I think he knew something was wrong, and maybe I misjudged him. We are old friends, and we know when the other is not well, and we help out the best we can. We talked, and he actually had me smile for the first time in about a week. I'm keeping this in mind. I really needed someone to talk to, but no one else did or even attempted.

Let me just say this. If you have someone who considers you to be a friend, who is clearly hurting, almost begging for you to talk to him, and your there, and basically ignore him, or if you are too tied up in your own little perfect world to even just say, "Yo, I'm here for you.", or "Talk to me", which takes less than a minute with modern day conveniences, pass him by without even a hello, or take time out to comment on someone else's notes or status, then I don't know what to say to you, or if I want to say anything. If my little tantrums are too much for you to handle, and ones this bad are few and far between, then get out of my life.

What truly bothers me is that I try my hardest when someone is hurting to help. If I just say, "Hey, I'm here for you" and nothing comes out, I can say I at least tried, and trust me, I do it more than people give me credit for. Something that small or simple would at least acknowledge that I care and want to help. That's what a friend does. If you don't help affirm this, especially when a friend is in need, then you're going to lose that person in your life quickly, if you haven't already.

I'm sorry about all the drama I've been posting on here as of late. Truth be told, I'm tired of being miserable, but no one except that one friend has helped. If you feel a twinge of guilt or think this note is directed to you, then do something before its too late. I'm tired of starting conversations and just going to people. Every once in a while I need them to come to me, to prove they are a friend. Be warned that if you try something now, that I will bring up this rant. I'm sorry, but I can't make it easy, but if you are a true friend, then it shouldn't be a problem.

The anger has gone down, and I am back to more of a relaxed state or normalcy for myself, but I am most definitely not the same and probably never will be again. Maybe its a part of growing up, or maybe I am being a little melodramatic, but the past week has just proven to me how much people are self-centered and that most of humanity is too cruel for their own good. I used to think differently, but not anymore.


The Allengator
Ice King, Adventure Time

@ People Who Are Complaining About the New Facebook Layout

I'm sorry about the following rant, but I'm in a kick-butt mood today.

Stop it. Seriously. Stop. The reason I have to say something is because I am tired of seeing people be petty and nit-picky about the layout. I seriously only have about 20-30 friends on there, and around half of them are STILL complaining about it. Get over it. Don't like the way it looks? No one's forcing you to be on there. Don't care for "this change that no one else would have noticed", then tough luck. If you think you can do a better job, then do it! I mean I am taking programming/web development classes, and I know how hard it is to find a layout that everyone will like. Really hard.

Does this mean I love the layout? No, I really don't care for it, but I have accepted it long before you will. These groups, emails, status updates are really getting annoying. I know there is a group for the sole purpose of complaining about it. Guess what? The Facebook people are too busy swimming in their money to care about your complaints. Seriously, this new layout prints its own money. They aren't going to change anything, well, until the next time the layout is changed, in which case I will be forced to see this drivel all over my wall again.

The reason I feel the need to rant is twofold, but the main reason is because I will be entering this field, and it looks like no matter what my efforts, people aren't going to like it. Again, this goes hand in hand with the recent aggravation and depression I have developed.

Also, while I'm at it, this is directed to people who make notes with just surveys in it.

I get notifications of notes from people all the time about notes the write, and its always:

State your name: Whoever
What do you do: Nothing but these
Who do you love: Myself

The answers are the same, no one probably reads them, so why do it? Why? I am quick to point the finger at myself, but at least with my notes, I put SOME thought into them, instead of answering some questions people already know the answer to. If you fill these things out more than twice a week, then there's something wrong there.

Finally, you ask why I just don't leave Facebook for greener pastures. One, people will get offended if I ignore them online, and secondly, I think Facebook is a powerful tool that gets abused by the masses at large, and though one or two people may read this, I feel the need to tell people they abuse this powerful tool over and over. I'm tired of it, and I wish it would go away, but I know it won't.

Sociopaths need someway of letting people know they exist.

The Allengator
Ice King, Adventure Time

Things That Just Need to Stop

My project is going well, but the weather is horrible next week, so I am scared of not making it to my finals, but I guess we will see what happens.

I thought I would take out a little time and just vent on things I can not stand. If you like or provoke any of these, prepare to get a can of pure maddness in your face.
Seriously, the world is nuts, and this junk really needs to stop.

1) Hip-Hop/Rap. I dont care if its "Christian" rap/hip-hop, or the hottest record right now, but this music just burns my butt to a fine crisp. Seriously, the music and lyrics have to be some of the most degrading/cheuvanist/feminist/assinine of all time. "Yeah, me bettah than yo' bros." My butt. I mean I could puke up a better song with alpha bits than they can on their best day ever. The songs sound the same, and its infecting all the females around me. They wear these pathetic "flat baseball caps" and use lingo that I am not accustomed to. Also, your music offends me. This ESPECIALLY applies to "Solja Boy", Rihanna, 50 Cent, Lil' Wayne, and many more. Just go back to the gutters and leave your inane, pathetic, mind numbing, non-sensical, annoying, offensive music to yourselves, and just go away.

2) "The Economy Sucks". No kidding, Columbo! Jobs are going down the toilet, there are massive layoffs, cutbacks, and we are in the danger zone of becoming the next depression. That is reality, but guess what. You telling me that it sucks DOES NOT IMPROVE THE SITUATION AT ALL! If it bums you, then just do something about it. I have to hear about it enough on the news and whatnot. It just freakin' depresses me.

3) Family Guy Enthusiasts. I have seen about 2 or 3 episodes of this "Family Guy", and that is an hour to an hour and a half of my life I will never get back. Seth McFarlene, despite popular thought, is not a nice guy. He is just as offensive as a rap singer, except more people just accept it. Also, his drawings are terrible. Now, I am not saying that simplistic design is horrible, but the eyes just make them look like they are either insomniacs or drug users. The way they talk and whatever makes me think that is what it is. Really, I don't have a problem with your show, per se, but its the FANS of the show that annoy me. One day in my Web Development class, they all started spouting out random Family Guy quotes and quips. If I were not a nice person, I would have told them how stupid and fanatical they sounded, but I like those guys in there, and I keep to myself. Please, one quote here or there is fine, but don't base YOU ENTIRE CONVERSATION on it. Plus, its not funny, no matter how many people laugh.

4) "Obama is the sign of the end times" people. No, he's not. I consider myself a good, moral Christian, but some of these people just make me embarrassed to call myself one. Some nutballs actually FIT THE BIBLE TO MAKE OBAMA OUT TO BE SOME MORTAL ENEMY. That really is the problem with people. They try to make the Bible fit their needs instead of subjecting to it. "Oh, it says here that so-and-so is not tolerated by God, but surely it doesnt apply to us today." If you are going to follow the book, then follow all of it without question. "Hey, it says here in the driver's manual that you should stop at a stop sign. Surely in today's on-the-go world, that this is totally outdated and not needed." Try explaining THAT one to the cops. I have looked, and Obama, as a person, is NOT in the Bible. So take your weepy McCain rumpus and just accept the fact that you can't stop him from taking office. Really, this makes you sound like a nut.

5) There was one I was going to mention above, but I refrained myself from it, because so many of my friends would take umbridge to it. I'm trying to be respectful, but I know if I were to say anything, you'll either end up annoying me, or abandoning me, and we don't want either of that, so I will keep my mouth shut on the subject. It just annoys me that I can't say my thoughts without meeting a lot of antagonism.

6) Laughing at poor fortune. "Oh, the weather is bad today. It might get icy tonight. Oh hohoho..". Look, its not funny or even remotely entertaining, so QUIT LAUGHING AT SOMETHING THAT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY.

7) "Sign up for access". So annoying. I was looking for a manual I misplaced earlier, and when I couldn't find it, my first notion was "Hey, the Internet will have it." So I surfed to the manufacturer's website, and they did not have the product on there anymore, so after some digging, I found the product number, Googled it, and found a truckload of sites. I went on the site, and they have the manual! But......but the "download" button is greyed out.....why? YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR ACCESS. That...is retarded! Its total and complete buffalo dumps. What if I don't want to sollicit my information to you? Make a fake account? Sure! However, when I try to find the "sign up" section, click on the link, nothing comes up. A tiny frame pops up telling me that I need to sign in to reach the sign up sheet. Fine, I'll look elsewhere. Ah! Another one. I still have to sign up? Well, at least this one will let me, but wait...you're CHARGING ME to look at some E-paper? No thanks! This is the dumbest, lamest, most idiotic thing I have ever heard of, and it just needs to stop, NOW!

That is my vents for now. Again, sorry for the lack of nlogs, but I do have finals and that stinkin' project to finish (which I would currently rank myself at about 85% Allengator completion). Have fun, and for goodness sake, be careful out there!

The Allengator