Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Another Stupid First Day of College Entry - Part One

College day 01: What's the forecast look like, and other items.

Today started with me trying to find a parking spot. It is so much easier to land on the free parking spot in Monopoly, three rolls in a row, then iti s to find parking. Ugh. The I had to wait an hour for class to start, because I knew if I came in later, I'd have to park on grass or something.

Then the lappy, aka crappy lappy, decided to go "beep beep". I researched a solution on a nearby computer. "Timer off" they all said. I think it was simply overheated, stupid fan.

Then class started. Programming and analysis I. Teacher seems straight laced, but alright. He asked for some info so he could possibly customize problems for us, so it's pretty cool. Then we had technical difficulties, which was awesome :D.

Inbetween I got my books and headed to accounting. The lappy now restored (magically?) I went downstairs, turned on the celly, and I got a voice message. The stupid phone has a speaker on the outside, so everyone in a 10 mile radius knows who called me and what it was about. I finally plugged up the speaker and listened to my message. It was some guy with a horrible accent telling me that the lappy out for repairs, aka yappy lappy was going to be coming late, as in the 20th late. Stupid LCD screens.

I waited for class and saw an emo chick that was in my programming class. She scares me, as often as she swears and stuff. See, I'm hoping to meet some neat people in my classes, possibly single women, but she just, again, scares me.

Principles of Accounting begins. Teacher seems quirky, then just downright hilarious. If I am going to not like th class material, at least he will make it interesting and fun. We learned how to add and subtract numbers today. Fun fun. I also learned the workbook I spent about $50 on I actualy don't need because everything is going electronic nowdays. Grr. In the middle of class, our teacher said he wants us to find a god spot because he wants to make a seating chart. A girl pipes up and literally says "can it be boy/girl arrangement?", which was absolutely hilarious and a tad bit disturbing at the sane time.

Trafic this time of day is bad. That is all.

Now I am waiting for the last class to start, with trepidation in my soul, because I am afraid it will be more of a written class than anything. We shall see. I will report to you, if not later today, tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, the next day, etc..

All in all I give the teacher an 'A' for effort. As far as I'm concerned, I may be over my head in accounting, mostly because of the terminology, but at least the math is easy.

I have some Infomaia watching to catch up on so I will see you guys later.

The Allengator

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