Allen (allengator86) wrote,

More Pics Added and More on the Way (If I Remember)

In case you haven't been lately. I have added some profile pics at livejournal. I prefer the funny ones as opposed to more personal ones. I am also going to add some more soon. Seeing as I have 114 I can still put up, I have lots of leeway for options. I am also going to try to remember to change my default/entry pic ebery now and then. If I am in a rush I may not be able to, but oh well. They are located here.

Also, school starts tomorrow. I have no idea how my time will work out, so I may or may not blog the next day or so. I just honestly don't know. Seeing as I don't have much of an audience on here, it doesn't really seem to matter. I'll try to remember to do a "first impressions" entry this semester, but I may forget. No promises, but I'll try.

Btw, how awesome were some of today's quotes in the comics? I will end with one from today's pearls (which is also a user pic on livejournal).

Crockydile Legal Logic.

The Allengator

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