Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Does True Safety Exist Anymore?

Yesterday was a grim day for Missourians. In case you haven't seen the news, yesterday, a gunman went into a church in Neosho and killed 3 people and injured around 5 others in a gruesome gunfight. This just saddens the cynic in me. Nothing seems safe anymore.

Back in the olden days, churches were seen as places of sanctuary. A person could go in without fear pf a crime happening. Although there were some possible accounts of such things happening in the first century (Read Revelation 2, 3. While they may have not happened, it was seen as a possibility for the persecuted church.). However, churchs were considered safe, overall. People could hide, worship, pray, and just have safety for their abode in the building.

Here in Marshtown, we have had our fiar share of break-ins. Several times we would have a rash of church vandalisms here, people stealing several hundreds of dollars of equipment/money. I'm just saying that truly, nowhere is safe to be in anymore.

Working where I do scares me. I worry that some of the more violent/psychotic customers will pull out a weapon or something on someone one of these days. It happens all the time elsewhere.

Am I more scared than usual today? No. Not really. The gunning just reminded me that church buildings are just that. Buildings. They are not some sort of impenetrable structure, meant to keep out all evil. Unfortunately, there is only one place where no evil can come in, and its not on this Earth. I'm sure others feel the same way I do about this. In shock, contemplating about the reality of true safety.

My prayers go out to those involved with yesterday's tragedy.

The Allengator

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