Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Even 'Rocks' Aren't Perfect

Something tells me I have made some people mad. I don't know why, but it seems to be that way. Whatever it was that I did, or that I didn't do, I'm sorry.

I really mean it. Do you just have one of those days where people seem to avoid you, or just come off as skeevy, even those you have known for a while? Today is one of those days. I have literally only talked to like 2 people outside my family and church. Everyone one else was either away or something. I dunno. Anyways, I was just in the kind of mood today where I was like "I want to be left alone", for just no good reason. Right now, there are just a couple of people I really feel like talking to. SWEET, ONE OF THEM JUST CAME ON! Sorry.

I mean what ever happened to good 'ol stability. I think one person is trying to use me as a rebound or something, one is going through massive changes, others just seem....not normal. Here I am, biggest change is the stupid work junk, but otherwise, doing pristine. I'm going to school, working, spending time with my family, studying the Bible, and above all, am still male.

Sometimes all I can do is listen. Sometimes, when you hear the same story over and over and over again, it gets tiring. I try to help, but if all you are doing is trying to bring me down to your level, even though I have already been there trying to see the world through your shoes, it just isn't working out. I'm not saying I am giving up, but no offense, unless something major happens, I just kinda don't want to mess with your personal lives. Heartless? Maybe. I just need some sort of vacation or something. I wonder if psychologists get this way from time to time.

This is just a major venting entry, just to let you know that my world isn't all peaches and cream. This was in no way a direct note to anyone. No specific person was in my head when I wrote this. Its like the Pigeon John song "Weight of the World". If you never heard the song, find it somewhere. It sums up my views right now.

I know this hasn't been very "Allengator"-ish, but give me a break, please? I just need to recoup for a while.

So bye bye until the next time.

The Allengator

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