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Your Allengator86's Update, as Not Requested

Hey everybody. Sorry for the short hiatus. After blogging for 30+ days in a row, a guy needs a break, ya know?

As seen on facebook: I was suprised that in a week from Thursday will be the first day of college. Too soon. Too soon. What confuzzles me is that eery semester that I have attended the semester has started on Saturday. Oh well. Thursday it is.

Near future: Next week we have a gospel meeting at my church, starting on, of all days, a week from Thursday. Sheesh.

Work: The smartest people in the world decided to cut the manager's position in my area. That's right. The department manager will be going to another department so he won't have to take a pay cut. What does that mean to me? Well, 1) I will be the only person that is solely in furniture and 2) I will have a different manager most likely. I hate that, because the current manager is a tough act to beat. He is like the Curly, and the next one will be Shemp :(.

Comics: Darby upset me. Making fun of democrats (though in his favor, I am a conservative democrat. I'm like a demlican). Although the worst of 'Get Fuzzy' is better than the best of 'The Family Circus'.

Music: Giving "My Chemical Romance" a shot. "Welcome to the Black Parade" is a pretty awesome song, tonality-wise.

Friends: I am getting more and more worried about one of my friends. I won't go into it any furthur in case that person reads this and is like "Holy gosh, why is he talking about me like that?". Other than that, everything has seemed calm, although some people are trying to turn it into "high school soap opera" all over again. Look, its not like I don't care, but honestly, if your life is in constant turmoil, it makes it hard to I can play psuchologist as long as it takes, but seriously, enjoy life! Love others! Go to church! Love God! Above all, send me money :D. That burst was more for "the rest of the world". We have enough low-budget, horrible, wooden-acting, slimy, degenerate, unholy stuff on tv right now. Yeah, I have a low opinion on daytime soaps.

TV: American Inventor. Bad ending. Ugh. The guy with the "Gaurdian Angel", love his premise. I thought it was a true 'invention'. I think its an awesome idea. As far as the invention itself goes.....I am just not confident enough, especially when it took several 'test runs' for it to get it right.......The bra? First off, I am not a woman, so I don't know squat about thos sort of stuff, but it looks like a 'fashion' only application. Sorry. The cars. Honestly, it has lots of potential in my opinion. I would buy it, and I'm 21. It was my top choice of the three. Overall, this season wasn't that good. Kinda lackluster. Boo!

DVD news: Getting the first season of "Psych" soon. The first season of "Eureka" will have to wait. Probably until September or October. I am totally getting the first season of "Heroes" in three weeks, especially since my hours are more than it has been the past couple of weeks.

Video Games: Played the "Trapped" series this morning, with the JayItsGames website reccomendation. It is pretty good. Waverace 64 came out on the virtual console Monday. I am not sure if I'll get it just yet.

Broken Lappy News: Still in Nashvilletonshire. Boo!

Blog News: Nothing major planned, but if my hours stay the way it is now, then I should be able to keep my site. Yay!

Other Personal News: I have officially published "Petey"s outside this blog. Go to the personal creations board at the springfield students forum. Yeah, still not major, but I will be looking for a larger audience in the future, just not now. I am toying with starting a second blog on here that is not related to this one. I am not going to say when, or even if it is up yet. Reason? Most people just wouldn't get it. I'm not saying I won't try to reach people, just not specifically anyone I know. I don't want them thinking that I am forcing my beliefs on them. It may not happen at all, and this is probabaly all I will mention of it on here. I jsut don't know. I will have to see how much time I will have when school starts.

That is all I have for today, kids. Now go give a camel a kiss. Why? Because they just don't get that many :(.


The Allengator

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