Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Allengator Gets Pushed

Pushed I tells ya!

Well, some of you know Daniel, the new full time preacher at our church. He is actually a couple years younger than I. Anyways, he is more of an outgoing person. He moved from St. Robert, who evidently has a bigger church. Several more people around our ages goes there. This is shoking, coming from a guy who goes to church and is sometimes the youngest there! Anyways, since his 'inauguration', it has seemed like nearly every time we have guests, and they are there to support him. I guess he has truly touched several lives.

Anyways, so yeah, he's popular. More than me, at least. A group of kids came tonight who knew him, and they decided to go get some ice cream, and he asked if I wanted to go. I am usually not one who goes into outings like this, especially with people I don't know. I decided 'Why not? They go to the same church as I.' So I agreed to come. (Maybe they just wanted me for my very much sought after Marshtown navigational skills :P, jk.) We decided to go get some ice cream at the DQ.

We went there, and of course, being the idiot I am, talked with the guys more, even though there was a girl sitting in front of me (I think two of them were dating? I'm not sure). We talked computers, video games, driving cars, card games, and other oddities, like band camp (one of the girls thought it was a myth?). This is truly one of the first times I went out with a group of people with the same beliefs as me. No dirty jokes. No drugs. Stupid stories that we laughed at, just for the moment. It was.....different.


It was one of the best times I have had all summer. I enjoyed it much. It was...well...awesome! Maybe I just need to find a girl like the ones there, but single of course :P. I just feel.....almost complete now. The lonliness, feeling of being alone is all fading. Not completely, as it will probably always be there until I find that special someone, but.....I felt......happy.


You know, the stupid thing I was complaining about earlier? It is almost finding me again. Maybe my problem was this stupid town all along. No real commraderie. No special cliche or gang (the good gang way) to hang around. People here are just so independent. I had Erin a couple years ago, and even if we aren't dating, she's just going back to the northern sector again. Aaron is in the army now. Everyone else is moving on and having babies. This was going to be a topic I was going to delve into earlier, titled 'the forgotten', saying how it just feels like people come and go in my life. Not complaining about it. Never. I am perfectly fine with it. It's life. Right now, it just feels like I am almost an army of one in my life. Maybe it is what God wants. I am not saying I'm perfect either. I am just as guilty as anyone else.

I went to Spingfield today, just to get out of Marshfield. I went to the Battlefield Mall. It seemed like I was the only one there by myself. It was almost awkward. Not saying I didn't have a good time, but I seriously didn't say more than a sentence my whole trip. I miss the person in the passenger seat. Even if it is my mother. Seriously. She is great company. We shared many great conversations together traveling.

Daniel just may be the medicine the doctor ordered. He is a very dear friend to me. He is intelligent, kind, and most of all, a great person, and we are so lucky to have him, and it is a privalege just to get to know him. I think the mext year will be aweosme with him here and hopefully he will stay here for a while. I want to keep him :P.

School is starting, and hopefully I'll see a couple of my friends (You, James and Lurch |_|), amd maybe make some new ones. I have made several new faces at work (Yes, you, cart pusher guy...sorry, I am terrible at Erin says, 'I fail'). More to come. I look forward to it.

For now, let this be a new chapter in my life. One of maturity, yet full of youthful adventures. One of love, but not of complete commitment (marriage). One of loss, but also of gain. One of changes, but will also include the stability you all look forward to reading :P. One of boredom.....pretty much no antonym for that, heh, yet one of excitement. One of challenges opposing in the mundane. In short, it is my life going on. I am growing into adulthood. I am becoming my own person. What happens now may just be who I am years from now. No, not saying I won't have the occasional 'rants' at work or driving (not letting Missouri drivers off the hook just yet ;)) And yes, fanboyness will prevail. Seriousness will probably still take the backseat. Personal life will be dealt with. Videos and such will be posted as much as usual. Nothing will seem different. I'm just saying.....welcome to my life.

You may have no idea what you're getting yourself into :) I hope you stay and enjoy the ride.

And now, more than ever, I close this entry as....

The Allengator
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