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*Wants to Cry* :'(
Ice King, Adventure Time
I think the lapster is going to have to go in for repairs.....AGAIN! The display is screwed up. Actually, a line of pixels seems to have malfunctioned, probably due to a few bad transistors or something. BOO!!!!!!!! Hopefully the lappy will return to me before school starts in about 3 weeks. Grr. Well, at least it happened now instead of right before school started....

In other less depressing news, I saw a couple new TV shows this week. One being 'Psych' that is on USA network. Now anyone who knows me knows I do not have cable, so all I have seen is the premiere episode on dvd, but even so, it was quite good. It's like 'Monk' with some younger attitude.

The other show I saw was 'Eureka', which airs on the sci-fi network. Funny story. I saw the dvd cover and thought, "hmm...that show looks interesting." I thought that JUST LOOKING AT THE COVER, in which the cover looks like a white-washed fence with aguy standing in front of it. If you ever watched shows like 'Errie, Indiana' or 'Strange Days at Blake Holsey High', it is like that, but more for the older crowd. It is basically a town that is all bright and colorful, looks like it came out of the 50's, and everyone that lives there is pretty intelligent. Children scribbling complex nuclear physics equations with chalk on the sidewalk, super-intelligent cheerleaders, and a rocket scientist that repairs cars for FUN. It's geek-central pretty much, but it has been ok so far. Maybe not up to par with 'Lost' or 'Heores', but a good series to say the least.

Phew. Well, that is all I have for today. As for me, I guess I am going to work, possibly to argue with management if my hours are indeed cut again. BOO! BOO I say.

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