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Evil Circus Song
Ice King, Adventure Time
LOL! I heard the funniest song when reffering to a couple of circus ice skaters.

"These two girls, they make quite a pair.
They will come from your worst nightmare.
They will haunt your soul forever,
And now, when you see pink,
You're ginna think,
"We're doomed!".
They are agents of Satan-"

He got cut off :(. Poor Tom Servo :'(.

I watched a couple of MST3K shorts. Man, I miss those. I wish they didn't take forever to load, but they do. I'm saving several for OTC breaks, as I will be bored a lot.

By the by, go to Spfldstudents if you are a student that goes to area colleges. It is a fun cummunity just to hang and stuff.

I also got bored one day at work last week, people greeting in the garden center for a few hours, with literally only 5 or so people going through there the whole time, so I wrote some more "Petey"s, and I like them. I think they turned out good. Anyways, look for those sometime soon.

I guess tomorrow is it for July, so I won't be like "uhhhh.....I'm bored...." on here so much. I'm going to blog whenever I can, but it won't be everyday since my life is boring. I only missed one day this whole month, and that was due to technical difficulties, so I think I deserve a fudge pop. I'm going to go get a fudge pop.

WAIT A SEC! I CAME UP WITH A COOL IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VAULT POPSICLES!!!!!!!!! Now who would buy those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, yours truly. Hee.

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