Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Banana Brain!

I had a dream last night that I was blogging on here, telling everyone "Well, I am officially moved out of Marshfield. We packed the last of our stuff and unpacking it as we speak." Yeah, I dreamed we moved, to some podunk town in the middle of nowhere that had a Wall*Mart, but it was tiny, thus no transfer to there, so I would still have to travel here 4-5 days a week. Ok, some major problems is 1) We cannot afford to move, plus my parents wouldn't have the energy to do so. 2) Our house was located just off the interstate 44. Creepy. 3) Of course Wall*Mart scarred me in my dream. When wouldn't it?

I also had another one earlier. I was at an outlet mall, in Osage Beach. I went downstaris where the so called "arcade" used to be. Now it was magically transformed into a place called "Bananas". Seriously. A store.......called Bananas.....specializing in all things banana. There were banana shakes, banana bunches, banan chips, banana slushies, banan bread, banana soda (What the...) and banana books. Oddly, the shop also specialized in cheeses (Sigh, YES, there was "banana cheese".....). So I saw some very sweet "pepperonni cheese" chesse with buts of, guess what, pepperonni. It looked magical. I ordered like 2 pounds of it, and it cost like $15, so I asked to get half of a pound taken off. Then it was $8.73. I am NOT making this up.

I guess the only good news out of this is that I didn't die in either dream. I was just emotionally torn with the first one I talked about.

If anyone invents "pepperonni cheese", I want credit. It's my "intellectual property" that came up with it ;).

Is a "banana store" marketable? If so, I want credit...yadda yadda yadda......

I just wish one of these days, out of nowhere, a psychiatrist comes out of nowhere and diagnoses me, for free, and solves my very screwed up head. Alas, most are in hiding, though, or they want $500 per visit......

Have a wonderful day!

The Allengator


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