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Collaboration Project: Quick Truths
Ice King, Adventure Time
I guess Google Current is no InfoMania. Whatever. I still watch it because there are some comedy gold moments in it. Anyways............

I've received too many comments about stuff I feature on my blog. You know, every once in a while I might do a "Petey the Monkey" or "Screwed-Up Fables" every once in a while, and that's fine for most. Lately, though, I have had several requests for me to do one of my "quick truths" entries. If you have never read them before, go here and read them if you like, but beware. They are dated. Wow, I haven't done one in almost a year. Time to think of some........

This was brought to my attention by several, asking me to ocme up with more, how do we say Some funny, surreal, and cutesy. I have come up with only a very few, not enough to constitute an entry. So I decidede to make this a collaboration.

That's right. I am asking you, the readers, to send me some of your "quick truths". I think most of you know my policies. No referrences to bad stuffs, no swearing, etcetera. Just either email me, leave a comment, or whatever and send me your "quick truths" and if I get enough, I'll make an entry. Of course, I will credit those in my entry to the appropriate turth(s), so send them in, and I'll post them if I get any! Thanks for your help.

The Allengator


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