Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Daunting Palaver

I thought about commenting about work last night. I really did. The douchebaggery of stupid managers at a certain Wall*Mart that I may or may not be a part of, should be made know for public ridicule, but alas, another time mayhaps, as you hear enough about my work troubles as is, and honestly, I don't feel like getting upset, again.

Instead, there is trepidation in my soul. I am awaiting the causatum of the poll on the news leader, to see if Get Fuzzy has indeed made it onto the pages of black and white, and once a week, in color. I hope my campaign wasn't too magisterial or too incommodious.

Yes, the girl in the last entry was an incubus in my subconscious. Is it weird if you are infatuated with a character in a revere? I hope I do not seem too preternatural to others, especially you, the reader.

I haven't dreamt of her since last week, but the anamnesis lingers still in my soul. It is probably wisest to misrecollect the dream. Yes, that is the way it should be.

I have sanguineness that Google Current recapitulates this week. It has been 2 weeks since a neoteric pod had been put on it. It's my invocation that it has a recrudescence/

That is it today my amalgamates. Unanimity ad interim tomorrow.

The Allengator

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