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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Ice King, Adventure Time
Does anybody know of an easy way of adding an RSS feed to a website you are working on? I don't need anything fancy, just a feed where I can put site updates, that's all.

One of the places I am campaigning Get Fuzzy at is kinds of annyoing me. A guy was on there and was like "Well, you could always just get the strips emailed to you everyday." True, but I get enough spam as it is and I don't have oodles of room. I would much rather go to both the paper and the internet to get the strip. Besides, I'm sure Darby wouldn't mind the extra money :). Continue to vote today and tomorrow!

Bowser will be in Brawl. Yayness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am starting to think that this "blog every day this month" thing is kinda going to be boring like this, but I need SOMETHING to keep my creativity sharp.

I also just finished the 4th season of TMNT. Man, that show was just too good!

Our refrigerator is out :(. We just had to throw out a ton of food, and even worse, the people said it'd be several days before they can come and look at it. Right now we have few choices. Since the freezer part still works, we are trying to find things that we can fix, but not too much as to not be able to put in the refrigerator for later. Tough.

I hope to have somethign interesting tomorrow. Until then, ciao!

The Allengator