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Could You Help Me Get Fuzzies?
Ice King, Adventure Time
Dear Friends and Fellow Get Fuzzy Fans,

I normally do not like to impose on anyone about such matters, but something has come up that I could use the help of fellow fans the country/world over.

My local newspaper is revamping the comics page again, and this time, one of the choices readers get to choose as the next comic strip to be featured in the paper is "Get Fuzzy". I am an avid fan of the strip (especially Bucky's campaign slogan fiasco) and would like other people to enjoy the strip in the area, which covers around half of the state of Missouri.

They are giving readers a few chances to read sample strips, and they are all great. The comic strips it is competing against are popular in their own right, Pickles, and Mother Goose and Grimm. Unfortunately, the site is not telling the viewers which one is ahead, so I do not know how it is faring in the polls as of now.

All I ask of you is that if you can take less then a minute and go to this site, and please vote for Get Fuzzy, I, as well as other fans, would be grateful. I've seen other strips, such as "Pearls Before Swine" and so on get a lot of help from the fanbase. If you would consider doing this, I thank you very much.

Also, if you could vote once a day until Saturday, I would be grateful!

The Allengator


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