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A Serene Story 1

A Serene Story:

By Some Blogger Dude:

There was a field. The field was filled with beautiful grain and blossoms that were saturated from the morning dew. The sweet incense of their fragrance fills the air. The southwestern wind blows through the air, just enough to be noticeable, but not be heard. The land lies flat, with a few rolling hills and a forest in the distance. The blossoms are hued with the color of blue and purple, and you pick one up by the stem and inhale the bountiful scent. You walk and the next thing you know, the flowers are all yellow and red. You pick one up, and it smells even sweeter than the last.

Then, you walk and all of a sudden you hear an intriguing noise. You run as fast as your feet can carry you, running with all patience and dexterity. All of a sudden, you see a giant, flying, farting bear, whose odor is uncontrollably hideous. You can't decide which is more overpowering, the sound or the stench. However, it does not matter, because you shortly die after the next dozen farts, whether by internal bleeding of the volume of the farts or by the odious stench, it just doesn't matter, and the bear released one huge one and it was enough to power an atomic bomb, and everything was laid to ruin.

Now you appear in a barren wasteland. Nothing but dirt, wilted stems, and a horrendous odor as far as the eye can see......

The end.

The Allengator
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