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Parody of a Crossover Thingie

And now for another non-stereotypical fanfictiony crossover parody. I added my own character, just like everyone else's, to transparently add my point of view to the tale. It combines the two shows I have recently seen on dvd, well, ok, two of the last three, because, seriously, who wants to read a story starring Brett Somers, Charles Neilson Reilly, Gene Rayburn, Betty White, and Richard Dawson? (If you have not figured out the show yet, you have my upmost pity.)

Anyways, upwards and onwards. I am not doing a full blown crossover fic, so a lot of it will seem rushed, just warning you.

Once upon a time, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were chillaxin' in their sewer lair. Splinter comes in with another mutant turtle. "This is Picasso, your long lost brother. Treat him with respect. He is a highly trained turtle in the martial arts." "Do you like pizzas?" asks Michaelangelo. "Of course, because I must be the perfect and non stereotypically (boy, I've been using that word too much lately) character based off of the author's personality." "Tubuloso!" exclaimed Mikey.

April 'O Neil was on the TV. "This just in, a strange tear in the time-space continuum has appeared above the Channel 6 building. We will remain live until the disaster is over." "Did you hear that?" asked Craing, scene suddenly flashing into the Technodrome. "Maybe we will get some powerful weapons. Take your mutant morons and some of the foot clan and go there, Shredder." "Fine, but how will we know if what comes through will be on our side?" "Just a hunch." says Craing.

A pair of feet come down hard on the pavement. A flat cap, blooming sleeves, and a oddly looking man inside them, holding out a pistol, waiting to shoot his rival, whom is nowhere to be seen. He looked around. "Hmm....metropolitan buildings....boomboxes on people's shoulders...this must be late 80's early 90's....and based on the structures, in New York. Just another 500+ years until I rule the world!", said the mysterious figure.

"Turtles fight with honor!" Yelled Leonardo. "Time to say your prayers, whoever you are." Retorted Donatello. "Boy, for a human, you look you're straight out of a John Wayne movie." cracked Raphael. "Time to make the dude go surfing back into that protal!" yelled Michaelangelo. "Time to take out the garbage." said Picasso.

Two more figures dropped from the sky. One white man, one part black, part Cherokee, and their horses, one of whom was really smart. "Whoa there, Comet." the guy in the Indiana Jones-esque hat consoled. "Where is he?" asked the other in the bowler cap."

(Figured out the other show yet? Five points if you do.)

A transport module comes up and Beebop, Rocksteady, Shredder, and a bunch of foot soldiers march out. "Take out those mutants. They are trying to take over the world!!!!!" yelled Shredder, hoping that the new guys would try to fight them off.

"They do look like strange creatures." said (last chance for 3 points) Brisco (Ok, now for one point). "Is this the world of the future? Is this the coming thing?" "Who cares, Brisco?" retorted Bowler. "We need to find Bly!"

Shredder yells "Attack them!" "Attack who?" asked Brisco. "Those mutants! They are a menace to society!" "Don't listen to him." sais Picasso. "He is trying to take over the world!" "Take over the world?" asks Bly, "My kind of person. Let's take those mutants down!"

Only one phrase was yelled at this time. "TURTLE POWER!"

Soon, Brisco and Bowler realized they needed to align with the turtles, seeing how Bly aligned with Shredder. A battle ensues. Bly shoots at Raphael. Picasso takes down some foot soldiers. Bowler takes on Bebop. Massive Chaos.

Suddenly, the void opened again, and a shower of elves came down and formed an alliance. Powerful atom bombs, atom smashing devices, and death rays. They went back in when they found out they were being ignored.

"The void is open." said Leonardo. "Time to put those guys back to where they belong!" With their mighty "Turtle Power!", they sent Bly flying through the protal, then Bebop, Rocksteady, and Shredder retreated back into their transport module.

"We need to make sure that Bly doesn't cause any more trouble. We have to go back." said Brisco, "Thanks for your help, turtles." "Yeah, let's get that bounty on his head!" exclaimed Bowler. They both disappear through the portal, and suddenly, everything was back to normal.

"Cowabunga! Let's celebrate our victory with pizza!" Michaelangelo said. "There's a place, and I'm paying." said Picasso. "You ARE the perfect turtle!" Raphael claimed. So they went into the pizza parlor and told a couple of awesome ending jokes. I just don't have the energy for them.

The End.

Ok, last chance to claim one point if you can name those two shows!

The first is obvious, the second, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Please don't rate my writing skills based on this vignette. I didn't feel like doing a full blown fanfic, besides, this was a PARODY of the lower grade ones. Never would I publish this garbage in the serious way. I just put it up to get a few laughs. I can write elegant.....maybe I'll try that in a day or so.........

The Allengator

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