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A quickie of an update

I am in class right now, "listening" to a lecture about online auctions, and we get extra credit if we sell something on an online auction. I have an interesting idea, but I have to take time to set it up. This morning went well. Erin sent me a text message this morning. It was nice. I had "breakfast on a bun", which consists of a hamburger bun, egg, sausage, cheese, hashbrown, and a packet of ketchup. I love those things. Network class was interesting, considering it was the 2nd time I had that lecture. I had it last semester in my computer software repair class. Its interesting, but I know about that stuff already. I have been thinking mostly of Erin today though. Just the same old stuff. I guess I'm also working on Riven: The Sequel to Myst game. It is interesting. Homestar Runner's update was a little ick-ish, the sick theme that is. Pearls was great though. Well, I guess I better get the auction started.


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