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Blog of Ages....

I know I have been posting mostly "stories" this week, but this too is something to consider. People of all ages blog nowdays. To demonstrate the different ages, and just to show off my awesome skills of stereotypes, I would like to present:

Blogging through the ages.

Phrase I will be using: "This is what I did on my summer vacation."

Age 6:

Composishun. What i did over sumer brek.i went on vacashun.

Age 8:

This is what i did on my summer vacashun. went to water.

Age 11:

This is what I did on my summer vacation. I went and played with water.

Age 13:

This is what I did on my summer vacation. Avoided girls.

Age 15:

This is what I did on my summer vacation. Looked for girls.

Age 16:

I hate everybody.

Age 17:

I still hate everybody. Quit calling me emo!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!

Age 18:

Summer vacation is a awesome at Purdue. But I also have to work. ttyl :P

Age 19:


Age 20:

Summer school. Need to graduate this year!

Age 21:

Summer vacation is a state of mind. I mean, it's just like any other time of year, just that everyone in high school and below get out. Whoopee. I am working, so this country's economy doesn't fall apart.

Age 27:

Baby kept me up all night. Doesn't he know that it's summer vacation?

Age 29:

The girls are on summer vacation. Here is what they did.....

Age 35:

I almost forgot about the phrase "Summer Vacation".....

Age 48:

Kids moved out. Summer vacation? Here comes LIFE vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!

Age 66:

Some hoodlums vandelized my car. I hate it when kids use their summer vacation time and take it out on me.

Age 78:

Seriously, does anyone know a 77 year old blogger?

Age 1xx:

I am astrally projecting this onto the internet. Enjoy life, not just summer vacations. I also know what happens to you after you die. All I can say is.....big suprise.

So as you can see, I have a firm grasp on the human to go back and rework tomorrow's parody.....yeah, THAT'LL be great......

By the by, I think summer vacation is a state of mind......

The Allengator

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