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Decisions and Choices and Paths and Stuff
Ice King, Adventure Time
I am getting concerned about someone I know. I was on *shudder* as usual, was deleting every friend request I get, because they are only girls, who think they are hot, and only want to overuse their webcams.........anyways......people do those stupid "bulletins", not the comments that anyone can see if they visit my site, but the ones that are mass sent to me. Well, this one person, who I know, she sent me a "bulletin" and.............I was very distraught. Not only did the title of the bulletin did she call herself a (insert bad "sk" word here), but used a highly profane word (starts with f, four letters) in it. I was upset. I honestly think I might have to delete her. As much as I respect her as a person, that's just uncalled for. Especially if this is not the first offense.

In other stuff, I'm probably going to go permanent on LJ. It has a lot to offer, and xanga......not as much. Sorry. That's just how it is. Will I quit xanga? Probably not, but I'm not going to bend over backwards trying to update it like I have been. Maybe I'll just update it weekly with a "best of" seleciton. The ideas are endless.

That's just about it. Have a good until the next time I update.

The Allengator


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