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Final Entry of the Year

This is kinda what I do on the last day of the year on my online blog. I make lists for the best of _________ in 2005. These are my opinions and mo one elses. Of course I consider the last day of the year March 30/31 because of my birthday, but its a calendar issue. So, ladies and gentle-whatevers, THE BEST OF 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Influential News of 2005:

10)Pirates of the Carribean Attack Voyager (Zing!)
9)Michael Jackson Innocent (Oh please....ugh)
8)Gas Prices Reach All Time High
7)Iraqi Elections
6)Tsunami Relief (Tsunami was in 04, but fund raisers were a plenty early '05)
5)Terri Shaivo
4)The Return to Space
3)Creation vs. Evolution Talks
2)White House Taps Suspects
1)Hurricane Katrina

Personal Favorite Songs of 2005:
10)Til There Was You - The Beatles
9)Imagine - John Lennon
8)Real Love - The Beatles
7)Make Your Own Kind of Music - The Mamas and the Papas
6)Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
5)Kickstart My Heart - Motely Crue
4)Holiday - Green Day
3)You're My Best Friend - Queen
2)Old Brown Shoe - The Beatles
1)I Am the Walrus - The Beatles (2 years in a row!)

Influential Pop Culture of 2005
10)Brad and Jen Split
9)Peter Jennings Dies
8)Bob Denver Dies :(
7)Arrested Development Cancelled
6)Dan Rather Steps Down as Anchor
5)Oprah Appears on Letternam's Late Night Show
4)Videos Being Sold on ITunes
3)Rise of Google
2)Last Star Wars Released
1)Final Episode of Everybody Love Raymond :(

Top 10 Inside Jokes of 2005
10)Dr. Phil
8)Brothers of the Brush
7)Cunningham's and SMSU
5)"Pretty Boy"
3)Propane Man
2)Allen Cantrell Triplets

Personal Favorite Discoveries of 2005
9)DS Wifi (Mario Kart, yo!)
7)Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
6)The Beatles Anthology - The Book (Just awesome....)
2)MP3 Players (non ipod....)
1)Laptop Wifi

Top 10 Personal Events of 2005 (Did you make it? LOL)
10)Marshfield Sesquincentineal
9)Don't Pass Me By
8)Another Semester Added....sigh
7)Rebecca - RIP
6)Work Juggling
5)Jason Goes to Walmart (Best of Luck, Man)
4)Mike Collier Leaves Church
3)Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend. (Aaron....)
2)Rings and Stones (Yes, that means YOU, dear)
1)The Baptism

There you have it. There were plenty of honorable mentions, but I don't feel like mentioning them right brain needs a rest.

It's been the most so-so year ever, on average, and I have high expectation for next year.....well, in my life.....if theres anyone who needs a better year next year, its George W.....heh.

See you guys next year......

The Allengator
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