Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Drawing a Blank(s)

Dumb Dora was so Dumb!

How dumb was she?

I'll tell ya! Everytime she went to the gas station, she would put gas in her can, and aired-up, but instead of her tires, she aired-up her *BLANK*(s).

The clown was nervous because he was juggling, and one of the knives he juggles slipped into his pants, though he was lucky, because the other clown dropped a *BLANK* in his pants.

Bob was really bad at bowling, so bad, in fact, that his friends let him have a special handicap. They let him roll a *BLANK* down the alley.

Randy told hid friend, "Man, I have such an old computer, becasue every time it crashes, it also *BLANK*s.".

*BLANK* Cake.


Plus, double points for anyone who knows what I'm talking about. What am I talking about?

Answers to be revealed Saturday.

The Allengator

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