Allen (allengator86) wrote,

News the World Over 1

Today, we look at people from around the world. They are just like us, except they are just in different areas. First, via Google Current, let's go to China:

China indeed. Everyone loves a fun game show. Take Pirate Master for example. Delusional people, believing they are pirates, and looking stupid in the process. Now, switch those people to Japanese people, put them in a class room, and give them one general rule, "Don't laugh, then put a delusional "Engrish" speaking Japanese person on tape, and let the good times roll. At least....I think that is what the clip is about.

And thus is the fascinating life of Japanese television. Next, on our tour of the world, our closest allies. Of course I'm talking about the U.K. my mate! Right now, though, they face a crisis. This crisis can only be summed up thusly: Grammar is useless, but a useless trivia of Harry Potter is not.

Minor news flash! France, long regarded as a mockery to the...well, rest of the world, has come up with an anti-tank missle defense system. It is a huge bazooka-like thing. Here they are, testing it....

Sorry for what you had to see there. Sadly, that is it for this edition of "News the World Over", but join us next time for kids that throw tantrums!

Signing off.

The Allengator

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