Allen (allengator86) wrote,

What in the Bloomin' Heck?

So I got my CAAP test scores back today, and here is what I found out about myself.

Old news: My worst score was in reading, HUGE shocker.......

New news: Math......*gulp* evidently no longer my subject. How in the whole entire freakin' world did that boondoggle happened? It was literally points, POINTS, away from being my worst. The heck, CAAP people?

Evidently, as most of you, my dear reader (no s's :() that english is now my strong suit......................


How did THAT happen?


Seriously, I'm an analytical person at heart. I like one answer. One, pure, unadulteraded answer. ONE! What subject gives me that? Math. Reading, you analyze a piece based on your background and knowledge of ledger. English, well, things can be writen literally hundreds of different ways. Math, even if the answer is x >= 20, yeah, there are several answers to that, but they can all be obtained through that basic equation. Granted, I haven't had a math class in years, but the same goes to english as well. Now my vernacular of the english language leads much to be desired, by any standards. My math skills are top notch, even in the electronics classes. So how did this happen?

Am I just destined to write a compilation of "The Saga of Petey the Monkey"s? A Bible for the Electronics Technician (I am seriously thinking about that one), or some weepy novel. Yeah, I can write that David Copperfield sort of crap (thank you Salinger, heh), but I just can't bring myself to it. I am not an emotional person....well, in a fictional sense.

Maybe I should update my prose? Maybe I should try it?

Well, I need some excuse to write in these blogs more, because it'll be practice for computer programming. You know, try to avoid carpel tunnel (sp?).

Maybe it's just who I am, now. Maybe I just need a refresher course in math. I just don't know. All I know is this: I am not a reader.

Guess that means I won't read my archives, heh :).

Actually, that gives me an idea...........



So I guess I could thank YOU, my reader (without the "s" again, trying to be literal), bacause this has givem me more practice with english than anything. Maybe that's why.......

I mean, I guess I could blog about math, but who'd want to read that, right?

I better go to the torture chamber(s).

Wishing you all well.

The Allengator

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