Allen (allengator86) wrote,

This is a Nonboring-Free Zone

I have nothing interesting to post about.  Sadly, my life is one, big, boring, flat piece of land that has nothing on it.

So I decided to blog instead of clean my room, but who'd blame me :D.

BTW, the last entry does not reflect my ideas on anything, it was just a story I made up, like the Petey's.  Just thought I'd clear that up........

I got my computer came development book recently, and I have a  Seriously, that's the first chapter, describing what a game is, and what a toy makes me wanna cry.

The kittens are seriously starting to concern me.  They have managed to escape a couple of times from outside their area, and so when they are ready, then what?  We need adoptees, stat!

The Paper sadly made its last appearance on Homestar Runner today.  *sniff*

I'm looking for some new shows to watch.  Any suggestions?

This is why I've been posting "Screwed-Up Fables" and "Petey"s.  I just have nothing to talk about.  Nothing new to share.  Nothing new to see.  Nothing new under the sun.  I could post links, but no one really reads my junk anyhow.

Er....uh...............I'm not like depressed or anything, know, doing what I do best.

Wall*Mart will explode if I don't show up soon, because everyone knows that it just isn't a night there without the 'ol Allengator there until 10.

See ya on the flopside.

Super Paper Mario Referance....

The Allengator


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