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Screwed-Up Fables: The Paper Clip and the Magnet

Screwed-Up Fables

The Paper Clip and the Magnet


Once upon an office desk, there was a paper clip that was lonely.  Sure, he had a mundane job, clipping together third quarter fiscal reports, but it was his living.  Being used in the service for several years, he was been bent, rusted, and slightly non-paper clip shaped.  He was, in fact, an ugly paper clip.  He was aware of this fact more than any of the other office supplies.  He tried to, however, have an upbeat look at life, which is really hard for a paper clip with a mundane job.


On the opposite side of the floor sat a big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object, used as a paperweight.  Talk about mundane.  The worst part was the paper clips, though.  They all didn’t want to be associated with a big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object, especially one that was attracted to them.  They were too pretty to be with a big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object.  They never stuck around long enough to matter to the big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object, though.  She was aware how the supplies felt about her; however, she tried to have an upbeat look at life, which is really hard for a big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object with a mundane job.


One day, the paper clip was clipping together some bankruptcy acknowledgement documents and was sent to the general area, nay, same desk as the big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object.  They felt something.  An attraction.  He snapped by her side.  “I’m a paper clip sending these bankruptcy announcements.”  “I’m a paperweight that attracts paper clips.”  “I can see why.”  Attraction, one of nature’s purest and best signs that there really is a higher force looking over us all.  They felt it.  Pure ecstasy.  The papers were removed from the paper clip, but they didn’t care.  They were attracted, dangit!


Years went by, still together.  They were alone.  Suddenly, one day, another paper clip was placed on the big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object.  It was linked to the first paper clip.  They were stuck together more than the big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object was to the original paper clip.  In her last breath, as it couldn’t attract anymore, the big ‘ol, flat ‘ol, heavy ‘ol metal object said, “I know we’re losing attraction, and I’m ok with it…just please……don’t leave………”.  Funny thing, attraction.  Nature didn’t mean for it to be permanent, but just to be there.  Funny.  The paper clip told the other one “I, too, am old, and I want to be with the one who has stuck by me, dangit!”  The rust overwhelmed him, and he disintegrated into a pile of rusty shards.  “Oh well,” thought the other paper clip, “maybe someday my prints will come.”


The End


Sorry about the dumbness, but I am having some SERIOUS writer’s block issues….


The Allengator


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