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The Saga of Petey the Monkey - LJ 12

The Saga of Petey the Monkey (has it really been over 3 months?)

By The Allengator

Petey was sad.  His neighbors were having a party and he wasn't invited.  He thought he was good friends with his neighbors.  Not to be one who sat aroud doing nothing about it, he went and knocked on the door.  "Petey?"  asked neighbor Bob, "What brings you here?"  "I saw you had a party going on..." Petey reluctantly said.  "Oh that.  Are we being too loud?"  "No."  "Then what is it?"  "I just wondered if there is any chance I could join up."  Petey looked down.  Bob looked at him.  "It would not be your sort of thing, trust me."  Petey sulked off.  "Why must I be kept in the dark by everyone?  It's like there's a fun world where I am reveered as a hated monkey."   A few minutes later, Petey heard a knock on his door.  It was Bob.  " can come, but I'm warning won't like it."  Petey got excited.  They went into Bob's backyard.  There Petey was gagged, tied up, and hung from a tree from his waist.  A girl was being spun around, then given a bat in her hand.  Then Petey saw the banner.  "Society to Keep Domesticated Monkeys Out of Our Yards."  The girl was a good aim, hitting him on the head, making him pass out.

Moral:  Always remember to party hardly with piñatas....

The Allengator
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