Allen (allengator86) wrote,

More Heroes Fanboy-ness

There is NO way the limited vernacular of the english language can even begin to scrape the surface of the tip of the iceberg that is the Heroes finale. Before I begin......


I mean wow, just how everything went down in the final moments.  My mouth was opened.  I said "oh my gosh" SOOOOOO much, and we finally find out Mr. Bennet's first name!!!!! (It BETTER not be an alias Tim Kring!)  Hint:  Famous flood survivor.  Ok, so the bomb WAS Peter.  Told ya!  And Sylar, is he dead?  Hiro struck the sword in his gut and before the medics came, we see a huge streak of blood leading to the sewers......I bet he comes back to eat brains another day.  All the actors did a fine job and also, I think this is the first episode when everyone's powers was used in osme way, shape or form.  Yeah, Matt's mind reading was done by Peter, and I bet top dollar that Mama Petrelli used her's tonight as well.  Did Matt survive the multiple gunshot wound?  What happened to Peter and Nathan?  I think they're still alive.  D.L?  Is he ok?  Will Mohinder adopt Molly (he better!  At this pace, there's no WAY Mo's gonna get a wife :) )  Will Ando return?  Most importantly, is Hiro.  He transports himself back to the shogun era in Japan.  Funniest scene in the whole eppie.  He comes crashing down.  A wave of samarai approaches him, spots him (probably think he's a freak by the way he's dressed :D), draw their bows and arrows and then Hiro says his first words.  A wave of Japanese words, and I don't know Japanese, but the subtitle said "@!#$".  LOL.  Then a mysterious samarai approaches him.  With the "Godsend" sword, it's Kensei.  Who is Kensei?  I bet it's an older Hiro.  I betcha.  I am totally skipping a lot, but man......  Season two is titled "Generations", and I kinda doubt it'll be as awesome as "Genesis", but still top rate nonetheless, and please, MORE GEORGE TAKAI NEXT SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also, Claire goes home with Mr. Bennet.  Happy endings be had by all.  :)


Tomorrow I will hopefully see the latest about Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  They siad there would be an update "today" (In Japan Time) and I hope it's more conclusive proof.  More fanboy-ness.  PLEASE LET US KNOW IF SONIC IS IN THE GAME!!!!!!  GIVE US A RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!  That is all I want to know.  If they give out the release date, then I'll know if I should get the HYDRA or not. 

Lost, the field is your's.  Good Luck.  Second isn't so bad............;)

Take care all.

The Allengator

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