Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Furthur Developments in the Allengator86 Saga

I hope everyone is ready to read some excitin' news. I slept for fifteen (15) hours, so I'm stoked right now. I'm ready to spill the small mound of beans that have happened the past few days.

I will post the Angry Bob tomorrow.

Firstly, welcome the new member of the Cantrell clan, the Kodak digital camera dock and holding case!!!!!! It is awesome, even though I have'nt got to use it yet, but I'm going to over the course of the summer. I like photography in some aspects, and in others....meh....not so much. It should be fun-like. I also got a pair of perscription sunglasses, which make me look mysterious. It also prevents people from seeing my bloodshot eyes, so if I am facing you, it doens't mean I'm looking at you.....or does it....;)

Next, a letter:

Dear Lost

I am so sorry for saying you were no longer my favorite show, but that gives you no excuse to try to kill off my second favorite person in the series. Locke is awesome, and deserves more credit then you give him. He did not have to be shot by Ben AKA The artist formally known as Henry, and be thrown in a pit of corpses. He needs to be in a position of awesomeness. Also, it is also not a reason to announce that youre ending after 48 more episodes. You can go longer then that and still be good! You can also come back in the fall, you don't have to wait until next February (my guess anyways, only 16 episodes) for my wondering of who is alive or dead. Lost, you're getting lost within your greatness. Please, just try to be awesome again.

Sorry to say it, but Heroes is totally kicking your butt right now. Try harder!


Das Allengreater

Now that that's settled, let me bask in the glory that is Heroes. I wish I didn't have to work next Monday night, but alas, that's how management rolls. Last Monday's episode was a total set up of the finale. Everyone is in New York and the question is, how DO you stop an exploding man. Right now it could be either Sylar or Peter, and I bet its the later, but then again, who was the one who stood on the roof and went "...............BOOM................." at the end of the episode. I bet your bottom dollar that it's Peter though. How does this series get better? How is it possible? And, fans, screech now, as I present this link for a spin-off mini-series. HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I am officially done for the semester (minus grabbing my portfolio next week) I have to make a new list of objectives to try to accomplish, which are, and not limited to:

Working on a fingerprint ID program/electronic lock program.
Hopefully more Wii time. Please release Super Smash Bros. Brawl...NOW!!!!!
Work on some new sermons.

Yeah, short list, but I need to keep it down, as work is still around. I also plan on at least one trip somewhere, maybe two is gas goes down...........

Anyways, I end with embedding some vids on here. Take care everyone.

The Allengator

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