Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Up, Up, and Almost Away!

Sigh, once again, the video recorder magically forgot to record!

School was better today. We did our teathered launch today, and after a couple of failures due to lack of helium (they made me hold the opening to the balloon, right, if it explodes, I'll just lose all of my hearing, that's all, lol). It went up approximately 300 feet and was in the air about 3 minutes before they let it down. Even at that height, the pictures were neat-o. However, the pictures before and after were.......let's say not so flattering, as it took mostly pictures of guy's crotches. Perverted camera!

After class, went to Wally World to buy some cool new sunglasses, which will be in in a couple weeks, just in time for summer vacation! I also bought resume materials. Yuck, schoolwork. My portflio is due in a week, and I need some more material for it.

Finally, I just want to give hugs and thank so much for people who have been there for me the past few days, in any way, shape, or form. Loretta, Brandy, Erin, and others. Thank you. You guys mean a lot to me.

After next week, I should have more time to do things, which means I am going to try some awesome things on here. Maybe a new Petey, Screwed Up Fables, or possibly audio blog. Your guess is as good as mine. Please bear with my absenses the rest of the semester. My teachers knoweth not what they do.

The Allengator

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