Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Allengator Gets Shocked

I HAVE FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a first right now, totally. Today had to be the most frustrating day of school in.....well, ever. Just one class, but that class is my end boss right now. It is my problem. I sit here and ask myself........what am I doing wrong?

First off, test today......and I officially flunked my first exam. 50%.....over networking theorems. I ask myself, how did this happen? I missed every other one......I was pretty upset, but I let it roll off because my other grades are covering it right now.

Then he screwed everything up.

By him I mean the guy who sits behind me. I was sitting there during lecture, lecture my friends, and after about 35 minutes of lecture, I felt some poking. The idiot was poking me with a radio antenna, on I wanted to take his pretty little antenna, and his neck, and snap 'em in half. That's how mad I was because it is one thing to fool around, but its completely another when I am concentrating and trying to learn something new. Totally unacceptable. He better stay away from me for the rest of the semester.......

Then came crystal radio time. I was almost in......not tears, but....moistness. It was the THIRD, that's right, THIRD design I was on. Everyone else got their first one to work, and here I was, on my third. It didn't work either. Finally, Mr. Teacher put someone on my circuit to basically fix it. He tore most of it out, placed a filter on it, and lo and behold, Alice (95.5 fm) was heard through it. I sat there like a stump. Dumbfounded. Where did I go wrong. Then the guy whispered to me, "tell him you got it, just take the credit." It felt wrong. I know the theory behind it. It makes sense to me.....the practical just won' I did. I just am upset....I can't get a basic Tank Circuit to work, the basics of AC........I was mad at myself.

I like electronics, don't get me wrong, it's just that.......maybe I'm not as good as it as I think.....maybe I'm just wasting time, creating problems so others can solve them....maybe it's just.....just.....not my field to be in. It hurts to think of it.....but it might be the grim reality I face. Yeah, computer interfacing, woo hoo, but its software AND circuitry, which I am pretty advanced in software as is, just the circuitry......

Man.....I just had an off day......I hope that's all it is.....I hope........

Taking off...........

The Allengator

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