Allen (allengator86) wrote,

My Awexome Life, Comin' Right at Ya!!!

So where have I been. I will tell you. I have been in the same place I've always been. Here. Just here. My blogging skills as of late have been vanishing, but there is some good news in all of this. Er, I may have a life now? Who knows. Work hours have been crazy with inventory and all, and the rest o' the time has been spent on homework, as the semester is winding down. I think I have the fall planned out, and if ALL goes well, I should be done with my second degree in 3 semesters, as most of the classes have already been done. Sweetness.

No boringness aside, the other reason I blog little as of late is because, as I mention on here infinity time to the infinite power, I lead a boring, bloggless life. Nothing has been blogworthy the past few days, and I haven't even felt like doing any Petey the Monkeys.....which kinda scares me. I would do audioblogs more now since I have an onboard mic, but honestly, after putting it on the servers and linking and htmling the entries, there isn't much left in the tank.

Good news is that my comprehension in telecommunications is......ok, it still sucks, but at least I'm doing better than most, and that is saying something. In short, I will be blogginh on here very little the next few weeks, until college is over for the spring. Sorry it has to be this way, but I need sleep and I want to REALLY focus on tasks at hand. When school is over, I hope to be crazy on here, and like blog everyday this summer, but somehow, I doubt it. Heh.

The balloon project is winding down, and we are not even sure if we will get an official launch now. Time is running out and our trsting has not been good. Right now we just need to finish up the last few bugs in the code. After that, we will field test is, then after that, we will tether launch it. Sad news is that our teacher doesn't know when the launch date will be, meaning that most likely, I won't be able to go, as work schedules are more into the future than the project is. Curses! I'm even on the final team working on the code. Then again, we shall see.

I have a mock interview tomorrow. Meh.

I will try to keep you posted on my life......which at this moment, is muy same ol junk. So this entry might already be useless to those of you, even those emotionally invested. Sorry. Boring to you, and quite frankly, boring for me to write. So dry in fact, that I didn't even feel like adding some wit to this entry. That's how drained I am.

So everyone, be safe, have fun, I love you all, and let's make the world a better place! If that doesn't work out, then let's just party, in the street, at rush hour. Why? Because I'm that "wacky".

Sorry for the mind numbing you feel right now.

The Allengator

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