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Stuck Inside Those "Wall"s
Ice King, Adventure Time
I'm really distraught with work, like majorly to the majorly power. i'm so upset, that I've made a conscious decision to make it a point to leave that place in a few short months. Here is what I see. I go to work, in a good mood, feeling good about everything, than it all goes downhill. Management completely ticks me off, customers are usually not as understandable as I want them to be, and.....I just hate it. I come out wanting to scream, lower self-esteem, lower tolerance, and much more bitter view of the world. Plus the unecessary stress it brings on me, I just want to leave, but I can't up and quit, because I need the money. I honestly think work is about 95% of the reason why I am so bitter towards others anymore. It's just not good for me. I need a new job.

Outside of work, everything else is nice. I am just ready to begin my internship and see if I can continue my CIT degree. We shall see....we shall see......

Home life is normal. Church is still awesome, if I can get out of my strep throat ickyness, I should be able to sing again. I have to lead the singing next Sunday.

I better skidaddle and find myself a good job that can make me happier, and work on the take home tests. Everyone wanted me to do their interfacing one -_-.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

The Allengator


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