Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Allengator's E-Log: Linn Tech Trip

During my trip, I logged most exciting events on here. Now it’ll just feel like you were there with me, only you can’t because it is already over, unless you have a time machine, in which case may I ask, may I?

Allengator’s E-log:

Thursday, March 29th, 2007.

8:35 AM: Got crammed into shuttle bus. I would rank this bus 2nd best one I’ve ever been on, first being the bus to Washington DC.

8:36 AM: Leave campus.

8:37 AM: Ingrate says he needs to use the restroom.

8:44 AM: Exiting onto I-44

8:45 AM: Ingrate mentions that he needs to go…..again….

8:47 AM: Start movie “Hitch”.

9:21 AM: Going past Marshfield. Points out workplace in disgust.

10:00 AM: Bus bumps around. Ingrate mentions that it doesn’t make the situation any better. I mark him as a moron.

10:02 AM: Stop at what looks like a general store. Group of guys get out, wanting to use the restroom. They see a sign that says “closed”. Morons run to the “back of the store” while the rest of us are in hysterics. I think they went outdoors. Talk about desperate……..

10:05 AM: Start listening to country. Shoot me now.

10:10 AM: Start “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack. If there is any country soundtrack I must listen to, it would be this one. I hate country, but the soundtrack is good…..I’ll fly away o glory I’ll fly away………

10:12 AM: Stopped at gas station. Found a new soda called “Cherrywine”. Never heard of it, but evidently it’s a cherry soda. I hate cherry soda. Bathroom is backed up….with a line I mean……

10:19 AM: The only girl on our bus leaves……. gender separations I guess, who knows.

10:20 AM: Start movie “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”.

10:23 AM: Passed a building called “Slaughterhouse Paintball”.

11:07 AM: Arrive at Linn Tech.

11:10AM: THEY HAVE MR. PIBB XTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:12 AM: Caffeine buzz.

11:13 AM: Man, there are a LOT of people here….I think the official count was in the thousands.

12:00 PM: Lunch is served

12:01 PM: The Allengator revolution will not be catered. Grab water and bag of chips.

12:10 PM: Wonder around with Lurch. Find Mechanical building. See TV. The ONLY station they have playing is CBS, with soap operas……good grief……so we play with the Nintendo DS for a while and watch some Dilbert.

1:13 PM: Lots of army set ups. Funniest one is an inflatable obstacle course, from the AIR force……ironic, no?

2:00 PM: Play “rings” with Lurch. He beats me by 2, curses!

3:00 PM: Meet up with Shane. Watch “The Virtual Employee” episode of Dilbert.

4:00 PM: Surf the net. Read emails.

5:00 PM: Lurch plays hacky sack with people outside. I wander around with Shane….to the same buildings.

5:30 PM: I assume Lurch is STILL playing hacky sack…..

5:45 PM: Meet moderator for the “Technical Electronics” competition. Seem like a nice guy. Tells us about a new electrical medical degree they are starting. Sounds interesting. Tests my oxygen content of my blood. I have 99%. I am awesome, hee!

6:03 PM: Meet Lurch outside. Have a talk. Pretty deep.

7:02 PM: Load on bus.

7:15 PM: Still on bus…..

7:30 PM: Bus pulls out…finally…..

7:40 PM: Guys gets a call on his cell phone. Someone tells him that the bus’ back door is open…..stuff is falling all over the highway. Yay. All my stuff is on the bus.

7:50 PM: FINALLY arrive at hotel. It’s a nice one. I get my own bed.

7:55 PM: Arrive at Pizza Hut.

8:45 PM: Exit Pizza Hut. A group of people including Lurch and Shane in his chain mail play hacky sack. I count the number of times in a row… binary…..the record is 4.

9:00 PM: Load in van with adult chaperones…..what in the world are they ON?

9:01 PM: Found out Shane decided to walk to the hotel.

9:05 PM: Arrive at hotel. Shane beat us………bus? Not in sight.

9:11 PM: Watch some show on “TV Land”. Never seen it before…..

9:30 PM: Lurch decides to watch “Adult Swim”. Futurama is on. I’m not interested, so I email people, and by people I mean one.

10:00 PM: Futurama is on AGAIN…..

10:03 PM: Shane leaves to his room.

10:30 PM: There’s a show called “robot chicken”?

10:42 PM: Who the crap is “Frylock”?

10: 50 PM: LOL. Six flags guy.

11:00 PM: Dear Lord…..NOT FAMILY GUY!!!!!

11:30 PM: The Showbiz Show with David Spade. Yawn.

Friday, March 30, 2007:

12:00 AM: Daily Show. Funny Disney news.

12:30 AM: Decides to go to sleep. Lurch snores something terrible.

Around 1:00 AM: Falls asleep.

6:50 AM: Hears people. Hears Lurch swear. Realizes alarm didn’t work. Needs to go on bus in 10 minutes.

7:00 AM: Perfect timing.

7:45 AM: Again, here is Linn Tech.

8:00 AM: Plays Tetris DS. Shoots down all Starbucks doubleshots. Yum!.

9:30 AM: Shane is on break from his competition. He thinks he did fairly well.

10:00 AM: Playing video games.

11:00 AM: Playing video games.

11:30 AM: Playing video games

12:00 PM: Shane is back from his competition. He thinks he did fairly well. He shows me the circuit he built. Sweet.

2:07 PM: Shane wonders off.

3:02 PM: Shane comes back. Admits he fell asleep in library.

3:10 PM: Rain, I grab the umbrella. Lurch and I go to the aviation building, where robotics is.

3:13 PM: We go in the aircraft hangar. We see Hillyard is already done with their system. The guy moderating allowed us to look at the requirements of the system, and had them run it for us. They’re getting first again.

3:30 PM: We go to the cafeteria and a sponsor tells us that we’re leaving. Yes!

3:42 PM: Got stuck in back of bus……..loud AC. Crammed to one corner thanks to too many people

3:56 PM: Gracious…..Big Mamas House…..why?

3:57 PM: The volume is cranked up over my MP3 player. Curses!

3:58 – 5:31 PM: Air conditioner drips on me.

5:32 PM: Arrive at McDonalds in Osage Beach.

5:34 PM: We notice ANOTHER tour bus is there. Lines are hideously long without us there…………

5:37 PM: Yours truly was smarter than the average person. I went to the gas station next door.

5:40 pm: Burnt Rubber Air heads?

5:56 pm: I get asked to switch places. Now have an awesome seat in a van.

6:47 PM: Bus stops in Marshfield…..wait! That’s where I go! Can I get off too?

6:48 PM: Nope.

7:30 PM: Arrive in Springfield. We need gas.

7:36 PM: Train blocks off gas station.

7:50 PM: Gas costs $80 for the van. No joke, I swear!

8:00 PM: Return to OTC. Parents pick me up. Going home.

The End.

Ah! The memories….good times…..good times.

BTW. Who the crap is Frylock?

The Allengator

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