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Entering the Third Decade
Ice King, Adventure Time
I just want to thank everyone for the kind words yesterday and today. They all mean a lot to me.

My sister got me "The Best of He-Man". She is OFICIALLY obsessed with that 80's show. She also knows how much I "love" it. Thanks sister, but revenge is sweet :P.

I also went shopping yesterday. For shoes. Until work tonight, I had no idea how badly I needed a new pair. My feet were ache-free the whole night. Yippee. I also got a soundtrack and a few games. Yay.

Aside from all the tangible items I had, I have to say that the best part, overall, was hearing from Aaron, wishing me a happy birthday. I was shocked to see he emailed me and told me to have a happy b-day. My heart rejoyced. I sent him a message back. Please pray for our troops people!

Now it's back to the normal schedule. School, no robot practice again 'til at least the fall. Work will be better after inventory. After all that, I should have loads more time for homework and people. I have not been doing as well in Telecom as I hoped, so I really need to get my butt in gear. The others are easy A' far......

Tomorrow is pressure sensor work, resume writting, and the best Yes, sleeping sounds SOOOOOO good right now.

Side note, I'm ashamed of you You have ALWAYS celebrated the fools day in style and htis year.....nothing :(.

Hopefully this week of catch up will be it for my busyness. I hope everyone has a good time. Blog about the trip itself real soon!

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