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Screwed-up Fables: The Paper and the Sticker

This is something I am trying for the first time.  I don’t know if I’ll do anymore, and it’ll mostly depend on feedback I get, so without further adieu, may I present:


Screwed-up Fables


The Sticker and the Paper


Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom….fine, in America, there was a piece of plain white paper.  Most papers have fulfilling jobs, such as being used for college term papers, or executive meeting logs, or scrap pieces for students destined to fail math tests, or physics tests, or job applications, or resumes, or scripts for popular tv shows, or diplomatic reasoning, or destined to be thrown away in the garbage.  This piece of paper, who is named paper, did not fit into any normal means of society.  Instead, it was used for….well, pretty much nothing, that is, until that fateful day….


The “Good job” sticker, simply named sticker, was placed arbitrarily on paper, and soon, they were bonded.  They shared good times, bad times, but they always stuck together.  They became close friends.  In fact, they were more than friends.  They were best friends.  Sticker wanted to be with paper forever.  Paper wanted to be with sticker forever.  Soon, love blossomed amongst all the office supplies.  It was the closest love that there could be. 


Fate came in one day, in the form of a giant hand.  The hand gripped the sticker.  “No, not me.  I want paper!” yelled sticker.  Soon, paper realized that if you truly love someone, you should let them go.  “Please leave, be happy.”  Paper pleaded.  After more agonizing, sticker left, and the portion sticker was connected with, was torn off.  A piece of paper will always remain within sticker.  Paper felt a huge hole in his being.  Soon, the same hand that separated them, cane to Paper, and threw him away, because who wants a torn piece of paper?  Paper learned, as he was headed off to the afterlife, that it is worse to have loved and lost, because soon after, you die. 


Sticker lived happily ever after attached to a scrapbook page.


The End


Give me your thoughts.  Yeah, it’s grim and stupid, but since when I have written fiction that is not? 


Have fun!


The Allengator

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