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Thoughts on Spring Break and Not Much Else
Ice King, Adventure Time


It's another entry on the boring life of so and so.  

I got my days off.  My sharp wit will have to rest for another day.  Otherwise, work has been work.

School is out for spring break!  Normally, I'd be all "Ok, lets post some awexome blogs", but honestly, with little in the tank, and the busyness of the week, I shant promise nary.  Actually, oddly enough, I'm going to school a few days during breakage.  Its just for robotics practice, so it won't be bad.  

No excursions or much planned next week.  It shall be a week of rest and busywork, but necessary busywork.  Graduation application, FAFSA, planning, resumes, safety goggles, and sleep are all going ot be good.

After that, really crazy week.  School, work, meetings, mock interviews, practices, then the SkillsUSA Missouri State competiton.  Hillyard better watch out.  Lurch and I are ready for anything....well.....we have a process, which works.  I enjoy Lurch a lot, and I respect him more now.  Granted, I get annoyed with him a lot, but he's a good guy deep down.

I do have some awesome stuff planned for this blog soon.  More audios, guest star, pictures, and more info, as time progresses.  Sorry for the lameness today.

The Allengator


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