Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Oh So Intricate

I'm going to find out the fate of my days off request in almost an hour, and I'm nervous, not because of whether I get it or not, but if I don't, what I have to do. That scares the poo right out of me. I've come to a realization the past few days that maybe I need to grow up some. I mean what sucks is that I don't want to in some aspects, but in other ways, I need to. I don't think it's a maturity problem, but more of a time issue. I have to start sticking up for myself, make my mark in the world, make a mark in other's lives. Anywho....I have a multi-step plan. 1) Approach idiot management about the deal, show them my request was approved. If that doesn't convince 'em, then step 2) Ask them to change it. If nothing manifests from that.....then step 3) FInd out ulterior motive and exploit it for others. After that, ask about a change again, with a hint of a threat that will come if step 5 comes to pass. Step 5) Look up chapter 14 in my Ocupational Seminar book and send in my resignation as an employee of supramarket extreme USA to prove how serious I am. If they blow it off, then so be it. I'll gladly leave, if I had to choose between my future and the present. I'll be out of there in a year anyhow. Well, that's the plan. Here is why. I have worked on this for months with Lurch, the robotics tournament practice. With a chance of recruitment, scholarships, resume write-ups, and the fact that I have had my mind set to it since late last year, and I'll be darned if I am going to let a multi-billion dollar company get in my way. This is my life, and this is the path I have chosen. It's a path I WANT to go down. Besides, you know the chances of them agreeing to let me go? Let me break it down for you. I am the only trained person in furniture as of now, plus with inventory looming over the horizon, they can't afford to lose another person. If they have someone else do it, it'll cost them more because I'm cheap labor! 


Crap, just had an epiphany. 


Anyways, I'm sure it'll work out awesomely. Either way, I'm better off. 

Shout outs! A big hug and thank you goes out to Loretta for really being there for me a couple nights ago. I was in kind of a blue funk (cheesy), and she helped me realize that the world doesn't suck 100%, but it sucks approximately 95.341%. James, good luck with the keypad thingie. Lurch, hope you get the Kenny's job. Shane, I bet you'll get into UMR easily. Sara, keep doing what you're doing......whatever it is :P. Erin, keep it on the sunny side. Daniel, a trailer isn't THAT bad an offer to live in....... Tarisha, I promise you'll not be invisible some day. Anthony, keep it up saving the world from tax invasion. Frauline, keep up the good work about keeping the French out of America's borders (yes, one person can take down the entire French forces), and Hiro, YATTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYZ ON THE SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KENSEI POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Got the FM reciever to work today at home. I can get 13 stations in, more if the antenna was pointing in the right direction! HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I best go dress for work. Maybe someone will give me a million dollars for just showing up............. 

Oh so inticate......oh so intricate................. 

This ain't a scene, its, 

The Allengator

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