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Ice King, Adventure Time
Holy monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, before I delve into this farther, I will warn of two things. One, this really is not for the easily faintable and 2, yes, I will be violating my rule and feel free to call me a hypocrite, only do it in you heads as my ego is fragile.

Phrase of the day: Birds and the bees.

I had a strange dream last night, of something I don't think about let alone actually do. There was this really pretty girl and I was VERY attracted to her. VERY attracted. She didn't resemble anyone I have ever seen, but she was very hot. We started playing a flirtatious game of tag (it resembled my high school :S) and as I caught her, I was sorta feeling her, and someone walked in and I woke up. This dream freaked me out. I mean I have not thought about women in the past few months (no, NOT homosexual), let alone like this! The only thing that I watched was DuckTales and I ate cheez-its before bed. Scary. (I slept later and had a dream that my band instructor scarred me for life, like a drill sargeant.)

That's not all folks! As I was eating grilled cheese for lunch, I looked out and.....well, you see, we keep these outdoor cats, and a couple was newly formed. At first I thought they were playing, then I thought they were trying to kill each other....then......well.....they were licking each other in the face.....and the guy top of her and VERY excited I must was muy distrubing. So what I did next was what any sensable person would do. Yelled at them with the window closed and lowered the shade. Yes, I know, real mature.

One thing I don't think of very ofter is my sexual thoughts. I mean when the time comes...will I be able to know what to do? Do I know when a good time will be? Ok ok ok. Enough of that.

On a completely unrelated note. Tv this week: Awesome. Heroes nearly made me cry (for reals) and Lost was a Hurley episode and it was beyond awesome and really funny (I loved the fact that Sawyer referred ti a skeleton as "Skeletor", and Hurley called hin "Roger Workman" and Sawyer corrects him and says it says work man, and after one insult too many, Hurley calls Sawyer "" and Sawyer's all *snicker* Touche. Too many awesome things!) I wanted to givr my TV a hug for taking really good care of me this week.

Yes, I mean that in a non-sexual way.

The Allengator


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