Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Saga of Petey the Monkey 11

The Saga of Petey the Monkey

By The Allengator

Tired of passing out, Petey un-passed out. He reached in his pocked, and pulled out the card of the girl he saved. He decided to call her and to go on a date. She happily accepted. He went home and realized it was just minutes before his date, so he rushed upstairs and tried to find his best looking clothes. As he put his attire on, he practiced some lines. “I want to have some fun.” and “I have a nice thing I want to show you.” He walked over to her apartment with a cap on due to the bitter cold. He knocked on her door and when she saw him, she screamed. His black pants, shirt, gloves, stocking cap, shoes, socks startled her. He became nervous with her screams and jumbled up his phrases. “I…er……..have…uh….fun?” “GUN??!!???” she screamed. She punched him and sprayed him with pepper spray. Now with his speech impaired, he tried to get the next phrase out, “I haf a nife fing I wan to fow-” She reached out for an antique vase, smashed it on his head, and he passed out in front of her, because after all, he said he had a knife.

Moral: Always wear a helmet on a date.

The Allengator
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