Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I'm Gay (Yes, an Affirmation, No, Not THAT Way)

Phew. Two molehills that I thought were mountains were just in fact big hills. What I mean is that I had a couple of tests this week and I rocked the kasbah, as it were, on boht of them. Did better on my telecom one than I thought and I got the highest score in my interfacing class!

*watches people bow before his excellance*

*realizes that no one cares, and interfacing will not get him a wife*

Anyways. monkey! Did anyone else watch Heroes last night? I saw it today, and I was getting ready to cry. No one really died per se, but it was full of suspense and a story about how a father basically sacrifices his life to save his daughter. It made Lost seem.....mediocre. Tomorrow is a Hurley episode, which rocks my socks off. An awesome week of TV (minus Kevin and Drew getting the boot off of The Amazing Race). Hurley finds like a hippie van on the island, and they are driving it on the beach. LOL. Sounds awesome. I am crossing my fingers.

Shane made it to the state competition. Congrats man.

I recently have been hearing a group called "Bowling for Soup", and honestly.....they're really growing on me. Yeah, I do only buy the censored versions of their songs. But a couple of key ones I listen to is one called "When We Die" and "I'm Gay". "I'm Gay" is an awesome song that has my philosophy in a nutshell. Here is my adapted version of their speech near the end of the song:

"Pick up the phone, because the Allengator is on the line.
You don't have to be sad anymore.
You don't have to be mad anymore.
We can join hands and do ring around the freakin' rosie.
Could I get some "La Las" in here please."

Its just........awesome.

Life is just pretty darn neat right now, but some of my friends are really worrying me, so I'm going to try to be there for them, because, well, they'd do the same for me.

So have fun!

The Allengator

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