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Kind of a Commuppance

First, an Allengator original feature. It's a joke! Original content. Copyright, reserved, restricted, trademark, and idiot-proof. Anyways, I learned today that there are spawns of the freakin' American Idol. There is Austrailian Idol. Canadian Idol. Probably UK Idol. Well, I think that the best of the bunch is French Idol. All we have to do is watch them, and the last one to give up, wins!

Ok, on a more serious note. We, people in Marshfield, are under attack, or more precisely, under civil war. Our beloved leader recieved two nasty letters in this week's newspaper, and we must protect the queen! Fuhrer, here are thy onslaughts:

To the editor,
Dear editor of the Inman Weekly (whoever it happens to be this month),
I am writing concerning the front page “story” that you chose to run in your February 14, 2007, publication. I am active in Marshfield High School’s journalism department and some of your more observant readers may recognize me as the co-author, with Evan Campbell, of the satirical love-advice column “The Stance” found in every issue of the Blue Jay Chatter.
Now, Mr. Campbell and myself thought that our humorous writings were unparalleled in the Midwest region. Crestfallen, I must admit, we have been toppled from our throne. When I read this brilliant satire out loud to my College Algebra class, students were on the floor in stitches of laughter. Though award-winning, “The Stance” has never generated such a wonderful response. In fact, as a tribute to Mr. Inman’s wildly popular social club “The Jewels,” Mr. Campbell and myself are considering forming our own tribute club appropriately called “The Balls.”
William Fortney

To the editor,
I first noticed the Feb. 14 issue of The Marshfield Mail as I was walking out of a local convenience store on the morning of Feb. 15. I tend to notice the racks around town and usually take note of what the big news is. Usually the top news stories are what I would call “typical” small town news concerning arrests of note or other county issues.
I was shocked and disappointed to see the choice of the top news for the week of Feb. 15. There is no way, with a straight face, anyone associated with the newspaper can explain the reasoning that the top story of the week is the engagement of Nicholas Inman. This is a slap in the face for every subscriber of the paper and a disservice to the history of The Marshfield Mail.
I was the managing editor of the Mail for three years and I knew of the positive history of the newspaper when I was hired. While writing for other area weekly newspapers, it was assumed the best we could do was finish second to the Mail during Missouri Press Association competitions.
I took my job seriously and each week attempted, with the rest of my staff, to find the best, most topical, most important news for our readers. That was our job. Not to serve the interest of someone interested in only glorifying himself with more press clippings.
Now that I teach journalism at Marshfield High School, it was gratifying to have one of my students bring in a copy of the Feb. 14 issue and ask if the engagement story on the front page was appropriate. I answered with a question, “Would it pass the ‘who cares’ test that we ask ourselves before we do a story for the school paper?” My student answered, “Absolutely not, who would care if this guy got engaged, and on the front page, that’s ridiculous.” I couldn’t have said it better.
The Marshfield Mail owes an apology to subscribers for the choice of stories for the front page and the editorial staff needs to re-examine its role as the disseminator of information for a county.
My Journalism I class also had a lively debate about the choice of story and its placement. Thankfully, my class saw the story for what it was, Inman’s latest attempt to get his name and face in the paper. From one of the top weekly papers in the state to an embarrassment – how the mighty have fallen.
Rod Shetler
Marshfield Mail managing editor, 1998-2001

Why.....WHY must we suffer attacks from these two people. TO ARMS PEOPLE!!!!!!! TO ARMS!!!!! IT IS OUR JOB TO MAKE SURE OUR QUEEN IS LOVED BY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note, my AM radio works. Now I can hear Dr. Laura 24/7!


The Allengator

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