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The Saga of Petey the Monkey - LJ9

The Saga of Petey the Monkey - A Public Service Announcement

One day Petey was walking down the street and he ran across a lamp. “This lamp needs to be thrown away, not littered” Petey said out loud. As he grabbed the lamp, a genie appeared in a giant puff of smoke. “I am the genie of this bottle, and whoever releases me shall be granted 3 wishes. “Oh boy!!!!!” Exclaimed Petey. “What is your first wish, my master?” “I wish for a swimming pool full of lemon jello” suddenly, a giant inflatable pool fell form the sky, and sure enough, it was filled to the brim with lemon jello. “I wish I had the best car that man has ever made.” Suddenly, a nice, shiny, red SUV appeared in front of him, already running with his name on the license plate. “This is great” thought Petey. “The only thing missing is that I wish I…….” Suddenly, Petey was tranquilized by a policeman, who pointed at the poster that stated “Keep our land grand”. “You are tranquilized for smoking and leaving a car’s exhaust system on”. Learning his lesson about pollution, Petey passed out.

Moral: Smoking almost kills.

The Allengator
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