Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I Took a Current Events Test!

Here it is:

1. Let's start with an easy one. Who did the U.S. elect as its president in 2000?

No one from France, that’s for sure. Hans Blix?

2. Splendid. How about the U.K.? Which Labor Party leader was recently reelected?

Of course I got the first one right. What Frenchman would be deluded enough to run for office (more like FROM the office) oh, and as for the U.K., if someone from France became president, and the French merged with the U.K., I guess we would call them Canada v 2.0.

3. Back to the stealing of election's... what elected democratic California governor suffered displacement by Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenneger as a result of the digging up of 19th century, obscure California legislation?

Displaced democratic governer? I believe him to be Bob Dole.

4. What is the capital of Iraq?

Easy. Iraq City.

5. Which of the following countries DEFINITELY does NOT possess W.M.D.s (Weapons of Mass Destruction)?

Following countries? WMDs? Definitely rule out France, because even if they had them, they would STILL surrender.

6. Which of the following politicians is not currently a U.S. senator?

I don’t see a list, so I will go with what I know. Hans Blix.

7. Where is Bill Clinton's current main office?

Ok, I know Bill Clinton is a Democrat, so California.

8. Which of the following cities is not a frontrunner for the 2012 Olympics?

Again, what’s with the questions that states “the following” when there IS NO FOLLOWING. I would have to say…….Iraq City.

9. Is Global Warming just a theory?

It’s a conspiracy!

10. How did the French vote regarding the referendum on the E.U. constitution?

The French do not reform. I mean even if they do. They will just fall apart in a few years anyhow……

11. Who is the current ruler of Cuba?

Ok……….this is a toughie…..I mean ever since Dan Rather retired, I kinda stopped watching the news………….how about Filthy Sanchez?

12. On television, which actor currently plays a doctor on the tv show Lost

Doogie Howser?

13. Movies. What current book series is releasing movies based on the books of an English Author?

Winnie the Pooh.

14. How many people currently occupy the U.S. senate?

Ok, so far all I have is the Governator, Hans Blix, Spirew Agnew, Bob Dole, and Bill Clinton, and there are 2 people per person represented, so 13.

15. What planet recently lost its status as a planet?

*snicker* Uranus *snicker* Oh, it IS a real question? Uh......Uranus?

16. What country is America having troubles with concerning the breeching of it's Southern Border?

If they can breech the border, then it rules out France, so I would say Africa.

17. Who is currently been crowned as "The Paris Hilton of the News World"?

Anyone who aims for that status shouldn't be allowed to even indent a single paragraph in those free real estate magazines you see in front of Wall*Mart.

18. Name three countries who currently threaten the United States with WMDs.

I dare you to name 2 countries who do NOT threaten the United States (France is a gimmee).

19. Out of the following, which of these people do not own a large business?

Ok, enough with those dang ol' lists. Was this stupid test published in Canada V2.0 or something?

20. Finally, the U.S. minimum wage was recently increased to what amount?

$20.89. That is TOTALLY what I am making right now........

So take this test, and let me know how you do!

The ever so smart,

The Allengator

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