Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Prepare For a Shocker!

So I was completely immersed in a project at the moment and completely forgot what I intended to do! I wanted to update today to say "Yo, I'm alive." I also wanted to post my latest "The Saga of Petey the Monkey", but darn it all, I forgot it. Anyways, it should be up by tomorrow. Actually, I intend to post them on Fridays this month. The first Friday fell through, but I think I can make the others. Yes, Five brand new TSOPTM for the next month. I already have two brewing in my head. Heh, brewing.

Sorry I neglected to update I guess that what happens when you're in college.

Ok, I also bring HUGE news. News so HUGE, that it makes everything I've said all year meaningless. It makes me speechless whenever I think of it. It makes me cry. It makes me weep openly. The truth is......

Brace yourself, this is big....


I warned you............

......HUGE twist coming your way............


The truth is.....I am putting the Lappy in retirement. I'm going to get a new laptop. This lappy has served me well, but the truth is that A) Storage blows. B) Memory is terrible. C) The CPU has been freezing my lappy up WAY too much lately. D) The screen flickers to REALLY REALLY dim, suddenly. E) Charging issues. F) It's just time. 3 years. I plan to order my new piece tomorrow.

By the by, anyone interested in a laptop? *Boom Crash*

The Allengator

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