Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Based on a Song, Well, Sorta...

Why do we feel the need to build walls around our souls?

An essay written by a very delusional The Allengator.

Building a network of people over time can be very time consuming. It can take work, time, and effort to make the bridges functional. They can be weathered down, beaten, tossed around by a storm, and destroyed by a giant monster from Japan, but the two points had that common connection, and its up to the two points to make sure it is built. It might take weeks, months, thousands of people and a raise in taxes of regular citizens, but it takes an effort on both points to make that connection complete. One side can not build and build unless there is somethingon the other side to connect to. That is what makes them work.

That sounds like a lot of effort, so some prefer the easy way out and building a wall around themselves, because if that connection is tethered, whats the use, right? So build a wall around yourself. That point can always survive on the other surrounding points, right? You still have those few connectors to keep imports rolling in, right?

I'm The Allengator, and I'm a wall-builder. Probably the worst most people know.

What the wall builder doesn't know, is that over time, the walls become weathered, but that could take centuries, so something else could happen. What if there is a flood? That person is inevitably stuck inside a giant bowl. Drowning. Why wasn't he saved? He wasn't because of that wall. The wall he built with his own two hands. Once the going gets tough, the weak starts creating mortar. That is the way of life for the industious wall builder.

How did he come to be? Maybe the world has gotten to him. Maybe it was the way he was brought up. Maybe it is what others have done to him, over and over and over. Maybe...its all he has ever known. There is no clear answer for his actions, except all he knows to do is build upwards instead of outwards.

Why can't he build bridges? No one seems to know the answer, except maybe some palientologist, but he was unavailable for comment, so we had to go with the english teacher on this, and she said "He needs to get a life. No one reads his blasted blog anyhow." She was immediately released back into the wild with the other bitter people.

So what becomes of the wall builder? He becomes hardened on the inside, and may inevitably, be alone forever. He may think its best, but in the end, he hurts.

So in conclusion, wall builders are stupid, stubborn people who cannot relate to the real world. Maybe his fate is already in stone. Maybe there is yet hope, but hope, like a train, is leaving Cleaveland going southwest at 35 mph, and he may miss his chance. Only time will tell if he turns around.

I'm The Allengator, and I'm a wall builder.

The Allengator

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