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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Making a Mocherie Out of Me
Ice King, Adventure Time
Today I did absolutely nothing. Church was cancelled, so there was nothing to do. I was up snce 6:30, and I'm feeling fine, so far. So what did I do with my newfound time? Did I work on school prepping? Did I try to help my fellow human beings? Did I step out of the house? The answers to all of that and more is NO.

So what did I do? I did what any other loser that's hopelessly addicted to the internet does. I youtubed all day. What did I youtube? I youtubed "Whose Line is it Anyway" clips. Man, I miss that show on local, non-satellite tv. I'm going to see if anyone has the dvds tomorrow while I'm in Springfield.

I am looking forward to school tomorrow, because it'll give me something to do, although it is just one class tomorrow. Oh wells.

That's it, have fun with life, and if you do get bored, do what I did all day. WLIIA is a very very funny show.

Allengator Out!

The Allengator