Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Subtle, Yet Screwy, Analogies

Another winter storm is set to hit us during the weekend, with possibly 4-6 inches of snowfall. Have we not suffered enough yet, Mother Nature???!!!?!?!?!!? We need this storm as badly as rich people need fertilizer.

Unrelated note, can someone explain this to me? It makes no sense. The reason I was looking this up is because someone was comparing the war in Iraq to this.......yeah......

I report back to Wall*Mart today. I have immensly enjoyed my two days off, and I prefer to stay home the rest of my life, but that would be immature. I look forward to work as a hummingbird enjoys rat poison being put in their food.

The sun has not appeared much the past week, and that makes me happy. I thrive in gloomy weather. Don't know why.

Did you hear about the strange goings on in the monkey retirement home? Let me fill you in, since monkey news is my cup of espresso (MAN, I could use one of those right now). There is this 80-year old elderly monkey among all of these old male monkeys, who have been "cleansed" of their monkeyhood. Suddenly, said elderly woman monkey gave birth to a child monkey, baffling veternarians the world over. Now they are running, get this, DNA TESTS, to see who the real father is........why not just put those elderly monkeys on Montel and see what happens? Anyways, my explanation is simple. Let's declare the baby monkey deity. Think of it. He was born of a woman past monkey bearing age, supposedly had not interaction with males, it's like a screwed up story from the Bible. Maybe the monkey is supposed to free all monkeys from sin and be part of the God Monkey (Or The Great Banana). Ok, so maybe my theory is kinda weird, but seriously, do not rule out the possibility of a prophetic monkey. It IS possible.

I have been trying out World of Warcraft the past couple of days. Here is my concise review:


Yeah, it is pretty sweet and interesting, but just like any other regular game, it fails to have me play it longer than 2 hours at a time. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to play it some more (maybe not as much if school resumes next week...note I said IF), but honestly, it is not all "OOOO" and "AAAHHHH" as others claim. That honor goes to the Wii.

I better head off to work, as someone needs to ensure the people that yes, indeed all non-electric lighting is gone. Seriously, you're too late people, similar to how a prepared person isn't.


The Allengator

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