Allen (allengator86) wrote,

We're Declared a Disaster Area, Yipee.

I am quickly updating to tell you guys that I am going to put up some photos later today of the damage around my house. The ice storm hit, and many of our major limbs are down, and several crashed next to my window, which made me jumpy. Thankfully everyone is alright, and none of the cars was damaged. We are of the lucky few in the area, Tri county area (Webster, Wright, and Greene), that has power. I do not know how long that will last though. We have two more waves coming our way. One tonight, which they said will not be as bad, and then tomorrow......let's just say that its pretty bleak. So I will not make any promises about updating with photos, but if I get the opportunity to, I will.

I hope everyone else is ok. If you are, like give me a shoutout or something.

I uploaded the photos I took on xanga. The address is here.

The Allengator

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