Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Icy You

There is a big ice storm heading this way. The possibility of around an inch possible, and temperatures dipping to the point where it freezes on the roads. As long as it doesn't do much before work tomorrow, I'll be doing great. However, my luck kinda sucks, so most likely I will do the mature thing and have my parents bring me to work. Well, it's better being stuck in a ditch together than having some at home wonder that being stuck in a ditch makes you more prone to being eaten by rabid armadilloes. Anyways, tonight should be ok, its tomorrow that worries the poop out of me. Worse part is that it ends Sunday night, in which Monday I go back to school. Like I said, my luck kinda sucks.

But its all good.

Peace out.

The Allengator

Edit: Ok, so maybe my luck is better then I thought. I forgot that Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so no classes. First day is Tueday, so it gives a day for the ice to melt off. I'm not used to having MLK Jr. Day off because back in them high school days, we always had snow make up days and that was the first day always taken off. So, I just have to survive tomorrow night, which I am sure I will as the forecast says "hibernating rabid armadilloes".

The Allengator

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