Allen (allengator86) wrote,

A Wall*Mart Tale

Quick story for all of you.

I work for Wall*Mart. The people at Wall*Mart hire companies to bring them stuff (Like Jorge, Hoam Trendz, and other misspellings). These are the companies we get our items from. Here is a recall I got from one of said companies, and I thought I would share it with you.

Dear Department 17,

We are recalling thousands of frames. We have realized that there is a serious error on this (insert frame here) certain one. There are words etched into the frosted glass. In these words, we have misspelled the word "forever" as "foever". Please discard any bad frames and let us know if you need more quantaty.

Company Name

Ok, they spend thousands of dollars on a few engineers, artists, and other people to creat this frame, people who are probably highly degreed or knowledgable, and out of all those people, no one noticed the apparent misspelling of "foever".................These are the companies we get our items from. This is what we deal with at Wall*Mart.

The End

The Allengator

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